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Tickle Is Magic Pt1 - TKNova-Aj

Basically Celestia and Meteor Light is going to do a thing in Ponyvile called Tickle Session

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Tickle Is Magic Pt2

Tickle Is Magic Pt2

Later back in Ponyvile…

Spike was bored in the kitchen eating his cereal of gems waiting for Silver, or Twilight and her friends to wake up. Just then a couple of minutes later Silver coming into the kitchen with a messy hair, and mane, while also holding a brush in his mouth walking all wobbly like he was a drunk pony but in the end Silver was still tired from that tickle fight that happen last night couldn't blame Silver he got the worse of it all then Spike.

"Hey Silver! How are you? That was some tickle fight we had last night with Twilight and the others. I'm surprise I was able to get up after all of that tickling and I'm surprise you was able to get up too you took the worst torture in your life" Spike said stuffing his face with more gems again.

"Hehe yeah that was probably the best sleepover that Twilight ever threw. You know I'm kind of glad I stayed in Ponyvile. I feel like it was the best decision I ever made in my life. I have friends that have my back until the end, everyone here in Ponyvile likes me, and Spike you're like the best dragon friend I ever had. I mean I don't mind being with a bunch of girl ponies like I did back in my old town. Hey Spike I never told anyone this not even Twilight but you know my mother right that I told you about Haven Star right?" Silver said pouring some cereal into his bowl and then just started just eating it with his mouth making a little bit of mess on the table.

"Heaven Star? Yeah you told me about her. You also told me that you had two big sisters Sparkle Star, and Krystal Star. But yeah anyways what about your mother? And also you never told me about your father what happen to him?" Spike questioned Silver.

"My father…I…really don't know to be honest… My mother never mentioned my father or even bothers to tell me his name. I asked Krystal, and Sparkle to tell me why we don't mention our father in the house and she just said you don't want to know Silver you don't want to know. But it sucks. But here's the shocking thing about my mom. Well one day in the morning I got a letter from my mother sending me a sparkling flower which was rare in my hometown to find telling me that she misses me. Also she left a letter telling me that Princess Celestia knew my whole family! I was actually shocked when I saw this because in the note it said Princess Celestia visit me one day when you was a baby and I wouldn't remember this because…well you know I was little back then. She also said Princess Celestia was great friends with my grandma and grandpa and also the other passed on generations. When I saw that in the letter she wrote my mouth dropped because Princess Celestia herself knows my whole family….but one thing bothers me. Why didn't Princess Celestia didn't tell me herself?" Silver Star said thinking looking up at the ceiling.

"Gulp. You know I agree with you Silver. Why didn't The Princess BURP!" Spike burping getting interrupted with a letter that was send from Princess Celestia.

"Hey look! A letter from the Princess." Spike said looking at it weird finding something different. He notice it was rolled up and a tied up as usually but this time there was words written on it saying "Spike. Don't let anyone see this except Twilight. Give this to her please.

"You know Spike doesn't that hurt burping up a letter? I mean if that was me I will probably be in pain right now." Silver asking Spike.

"I'm use to it. I didn't like the fact that she send me so many letters it actually made my stomach hurt.

"I see. You know sense I'm up Spike I still can't brush my hair on my own can you do it for me?" Silver asked Spike.

"Heh sure Silver" Spike said grabbing Silver's brush and started to brush Silver's hair. While Spike was doing that Twilight Sparkles came into the kitchen after hearing voices coming from the kitchen wanting to see who was in the kitchen and notice it was Spike and Silver awake.

"Hey you two. How are you?" Twilight asked.

"Were fine!" Both Spike and Silver answering to Twilight's response.

"Hehe. You two are always together. You two are like brothers…except one is a Pegasus, and the other is a dragon. Hey Spike! I thought you send that letter to The Princess yesterday?" Twilight said looking at Spike.

"Oh I did! Princess Celestia told me to give you this!" Spike said giving the letter from the Princess to Twilight Sparkles.

"Oh a letter from the Princess! Let me see what is says.

Dear Twilight Sparkles my faithful and loyal student, (correct me if I'm wrong)

"*If your reading this in front of Spike or anyone else stop right here! Read this in a more private area with Applejack, Fluttershy, RainbowDash, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity. Once you do that then read the rest to them.*" Twilight said reading this in her mind.
"Anything important from the Princess?" Silver asked as Spike was finished brushing Silver's hair and Silver hair look so nice not bed hair now.

"Nothing really. She just happy that she responded back to me hehe." Twilight said trying to lie to Silver, and Spike.

"Ooookay?" Silver said. Twilight didn't say anything she just walked out the kitchen without saying a word to them keeping a smile on her face and when she left the kitchen. She left out a big sigh and then went to Applejack.

"Applejack…Applejack! Wake up! It's important." Twilight said waking up Applejack.
Mumgfggfd…What in tarnation…Twilight why you wake me up? You know I'm still exhausted after last night. What so important that you had to wake me up?" Applejack questioned Twilight.

I got a note from the Princess. I read some of it and it said I need you and the others first, and also we must read this somewhere private." Twilight said explaining to Applejack what's going on. So Applejack, and Twilight woke up Fluttershy, and the others explaining them what's going on. As soon as they did they left the house they headed to Everfree Forest sense no one was there so it was the perfect place, and time for Twilight to explain what's going on.

"Okay so now why you wanted to talk to us privately?" RainbowDash questioned Twilight.

"Can we pleeease hurry up. I don't like being covered by dirt and anything that is…un-clean" Rarity said.

"Okay okay okay. Look let me finish reading this letter Princess Celestia wrote." Twilight said pulling out the letter with her magic.

"Okay now where was I? …Oh! There I was! She said…

"If your reading this in a private area now. I want you and your friends except for Spike and Silver to gather ALL of females' ponies at your place Twilight Sparkles. I have a fun game that all of us that you might enjoy and so might the others. The reason why I'm asking you to do this because me, my sister Luna, and Luna's friend Meteor Light will be attending this meeting and telling you what's going on and wondering how are we going to get rid of the male ponies in Ponyvile. Leave that to me. The meeting will start eight o' clock. Tell the ponies that I Princess Celestia called this meeting. Tell them this at seven o' clock, then I will take it from here.

From,Princess Celestia

"A meeting at your place?! That un-expecting coming the Princess herself. But why your place Twilight? Also why only tell the ladies in Ponyvile does that even included My sister, and Rarity's and that Scootaloo pony fella all of the little ponies in Ponyvile?" Applejack questioned Twilight.

"I don't know why but it's from the Princess we can't disrespect the Princess so we might as well do it" Twilight answered
"I'll go get my sister Sweetiebelle right now" Rarity said leaving at this moment.

"I guess I'll go get my sister Applebloom too. Probably then AppleBloom and Sweetiebelle are going to get Scootaloo telling her what's going on.

"Well sense Princess Celestia is coming! I might as well throw a party just for the Princess! OH I should get Gummy too!" Pinkie Pie said bouncing off back to her place.
"Pinkie Pie wait! I…ugh nevermind…Fluttershy, RainbowDash back to my place so we can get this place cleaned up but we also we must get Spike, and Silver out of the house first." Twilight said to her friends.

"Hey Twilight…doesn't Silver have a place of his own to stay? I mean he's been in Ponyvile for how long now? I mean why no one not even us built him his own house yet to show him how much we want him to stay here?" RainbowDash questioned Twilight. Twilight stopped for a minute thinking about what she said.

"You know….that's a good point. Once the meeting is over and this surprise Princess Celestia we should ask her to help out built Silver own place. He deserves it." Twilight said.

To be continued…

Secret Ending to pt2

Applejack was on her way to the barn to get her sister and just realized something.

"Holy hay! I forgot about my brother Red Flames at Twilight's place! Oh he's probably with Silver and Spike so I don't think I need to worry.

Later at Twilight's Place...

"Yaaaawn. Man what a good nap. Hey Spike! Hey Silver! …Where's my big sister at?" Red Flames asking Silver and Spike where her sister is.

"Oh her and the others must've went out for a while don't worry! She's going to come back. Come on sit watch some cartoons with us!" Spike said leaving some space for Red Flames to sit at.

"Hmmm okay!" Red Flames said jumping on the couch started to watch cartoons too.

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By the ratings look. That means this story sucks or needs more work...sigh knew was bad coming to another website and showing my stories.:fluttershyouch: I'm going to be posting more here :pinkiehappy:

finish it finish it please :fluttershysad:

i like ur story finish it

:heart: this is cool.:pinkiesmile:

Hrm. Nice. Got here from looking up OC fanfictions. No idea why I clicked on it. Anywho, I like the build up. You did a pretty fine job on this one!

33902 Please Finish this! It would be awesome if we could see them have a tickle fight

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