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I am a pegasister so old-fashioned she still considers Internet as magic. And vocabulary isn't my stronger side either.however, ideas strike me like lightnings when I get one for a fic.


At this time, Equestria was divided into six kingdoms. Thunderstorm, although being a Pureblood, seems to belong to none of the royal families. If we exclude the ridiculous theory of her being the last Ghistal princess. Either way, Riverstone, the king of Durachia, soon develops feelings for her...
And,as I said before, she was sent there (and then) with a mission to save all the kingdoms from a pyromaniac. Although, a side-effect of time travel was complete memory loss...
A strange story, indeed.
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ooh! interesting! Let's have more! Though I'm not too clear on the timeline here. The setting is before the events of hearth's warming or around that time? And Thunderstorm is from even farther back? Is that correct?

6375741 yup. Thunderstorm is from ~5500-6000 yrs B.H.W.E.
( before hearts warming eve) riverstone' s rule started 3500 yrs bhwe

6378029 Ah ok! Thanks. Welp, I look forward to more!

6379440 chapter 2 will soon be done. I hope you don't mind gaps between publishing cause im gonna make future chapters longer

6392494 Not at all. I just don't like those evil, evil words....:fluttercry: "hiatus" and that other, awful, awful word....'cancelled"! :applecry: So scary!

So as long as the story goes on, I'm good! Can't wait to read more.:twilightsmile:

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