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Lucy the Cyclone Light

I am a pegasister so old-fashioned she still considers Internet as magic. And vocabulary isn't my stronger side either.however, ideas strike me like lightnings when I get one for a fic.

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Good grief I'm finally back.


Princess Flurry Heart - reaction · 3:34pm Mar 8th, 2016

-is very cute
FH is quite interesting, being born as an alicorn. And made the path for genious puns, like:
Brace yourselves, Frozen 2 is coming :fluttershbad:
Staff Wars 2: The Larson strikes back :trollestia:
...and the worries will she outlive her parents for thousands of years, her friends, aunt, family...:fluttercry: maybe even the former princesses!
Come on, you thought of it when Cadance and Twilight happened, but not now?
Depressive bronies, I am dissapoint.:eeyup:


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Thanks for the follow!

1914182 Be sure to enjoy your stay.^^

Comment posted by Lucy the Cyclone Light deleted Sep 5th, 2015

Hello and welcome to Fimfiction!

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