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Twisted Colors

I am but a piece of my former self, all i can do is wait in the hopes they'll return, my lost brother and my banished enemy.

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is the next chapter in the making still :pinkiesmile:

I suspect you have abandoned this story at this point, despite not even getting to the part where you explain this stories uniqueness.

6670829 I have not abandoned either of my stories but I am highly unmotivated unfortunately so updates will be spread out quite a bit, I do apologise for the wait. :fluttershysad:

I believe Nick is super edgy because only the most edgiest people come up the names: "The Reaper"

Good story though

7394784 hehe the story description actually says that his name wasn't his choice but I think that's all I'll say about his name until it comes up in the story :rainbowwild: and thanks for reading what's there even though I haven't updated in a really long time.

In the description alone i can see that you used one of the 3 main displaced cliches 'displaced cliche 2' main character ends up in stone for some reason. There is a bigger one, having these people sent to equestria, but that's not a problem, that's the whole point of these

Other than the cliche, it's good so far. Am i right in assuming that this is overwatch reaper? If so, reapositioning!!!

7555276 Nope, :derpytongue2: He is a reaper like a grim reaper.

7555623 ok, but when reading and visualizing the story, he will be overwatch reaper for me

It's as dead as the smell of dead carcasses.

can we have the next chapter now please :pinkiehappy: *twitch,twitch* :pinkiecrazy: hehehe

It's dead and you killed it

And then there was nothing for three years.

Hamlet is proud of this, hamlet shall have some cheese for dinner 🐭

will this ever be continued?

It's only now that I've noticed that I never put a full stop at the end of the chapter, woops. :derpytongue2: That will be corrected soon.

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