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My own alternate ending to My Little Human: Mind Control is Magic: Just as Adaigo and the sirens use Twilight's friends to weaken her to feed on her magic she tries to bring out her magic from her human body to free her friends and hopefully pull out a miracle.
(Warning: Features the Sex tag for mention of rape.)

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A little bit ooc, but there were one or two funny lines.

I don't hate Harms Way's fanfic, but this alternate ending is good.

I like this. Good job.

Some like my stories, others don't. As the old saying goes, "You can't please everyone." I applaud you for having the intestinal fortitude to flat out tell me "Hey. I'm not a fan of this type of story so I made an alternate ending for it." Don't take what I say the wrong way now. I'm not mad or even the slightest bit upset by this.

5926759 That's good to hear.

Not a terrible idea although I preferred the original story, but this has far too many bad grammar mistakes which makes it very difficult to get into. Seek out an editor to fix these.

I felt bad for Twilight of the pain she had.

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