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[the following story involves fictional drug use]
[this story also includes mentions and description of human to pony transformation]
[the following story is set in the series of pon-e stories and may be better understood having read those prior]

A transcription of an interview of a Pon-E dealer, the man details his personal life since becoming a dealer of the controversial drug.

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That was creepy.

Do they have any control over which pony they turn into? Because the dude turned into Bulk Biceps (Snowflake?) and Blossomforth is pictured in the cover art...

It wasn't really the Bulk Bicep Snowflake, just a random name I grabbed from thin air. but yeah, there's no real control in the change from human to pony. whenever I do the next story I might just try and cover why it's random

*drug use*

*Rated E*

What is my life?

Really original idea, I hope you make a sequel or continuation!

Well I just took care of that and bumped up the rating.

I didn't realize how new this story is until after finishing it, didn't think of encountering any new Pon-E themed ones any more. But it was not bad, have an upvote.

This Pon-E stuff is kind of weird... it has the veneer of drugs to it, but then ends up more about pet play.

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