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Pfft...Any idiot could do that <proceeds to fail doing that>


Contains some RariPants, but not much.

Socialite. That was what one used to think of when the name Fancy Pants was passed around. Just a wealthy, carefree socialite living in the glory of Canterlot's elite.

For a time, that was his life. Living for the sake of living, and learning where he could to make the next day a little better. Then, one night, when he was just living, somepony dared him to run for Canterlot Mayor.

7 Terms and 21 years later and he's the lame duck Mayor. The first in Canterlot's history. He's grown old, his city has changed, and life really does seem different now. But is that a good thing?

Dedicated, or rather, partially inspired by psp7master's fic "A Jolly Good Evening". It won't be nearly as grand, but at least I can say his work was so profound, it sparked me to be creative too. Mission accomplished.

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