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Pinkie Pie's thing is breaking that stupid fourth wall. We all know that. But she doesn't. She doesn't even know what the fourth wall is. And that's a problem. Oh boy. Grab some popcorn folks. We gotta explain physics and philosophy to Pinkie Pie

WARNING: May make you question reality

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Wow, Pinkie trying to teach others how to break the fourth wall. MAN THE DEFENSES! ARMAGEDDON IS COMING!


given the ending is 99 Red Balloons,

Armagedding outa here.:twilightoops:

Twilight, there are three people ponies/dragons that can break the fourth wall. Pinkie, spike, and YOU!:facehoof:

6899246 Inter-dimensional Shielding will be online in 3.....2.....1! :ajsmug: Shielding up and running at optimal Pinkie Halting Levels. Shield will only hold up to 30 minutes of a direct assault from Pinkie :applejackconfused::applejackunsure:........ Get everything else ready!!!:flutterrage::trollestia:

But how does she know my name?

6899477 you forgot discord if he wanted to.

6902706 Studies show that discord can break the fourth wall, but for the sake of the viewer's sanity, he chooses not to.

This fan fic is little strange but i love the stange
Pinkie is the master of broken the fourth wall
I think,in an episode of canon RD little broke the fourth wall whinking in a camera,but i not rememb the episode.

P.s.plese sorry me for my orrible englesh,i'm an italian..

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