Pinkie Pie vs The Fourth Wall

by ChaosCretin527

First published

She never understood why she could walk thorough the walls. Or why she could shove walls. Or do anything "wall" related

Pinkie Pie's thing is breaking that stupid fourth wall. We all know that. But she doesn't. She doesn't even know what the fourth wall is. And that's a problem. Oh boy. Grab some popcorn folks. We gotta explain physics and philosophy to Pinkie Pie

WARNING: May make you question reality

Pinkie Pie vs. The Fourth Wall

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What did they say? Something about "the fourth wall"? Oh, that silly stuff again. To tell you the truth here, I seriously get sick of that sometimes. Can't they even tell me what a this mysterious fourth wall is? If I'm breaking something, I'd like to know what in the hay it is so I can apologize to its owner and pay for the damage already. You know, since I break it all the time.

Okay so lemmie start at the beginning. Let's start at the very beginning, it's a very good place to sta No? No song time? Okie dokie lokie then! Well, apparently I like to break this imaginary wall I can't even see. Spike can do it too sometimes, but he doesn't really care. Most of the time it just happens when I'm upset or over excited. I say over excited because let's face it here; I'M ALWAYS EXCITED! They say I've broken it when Trixie came around, but I wasn't excited then. I just wanted my mouth back. Oh... That's what being upset is... ANYWAY! Back to my story here.

I just couldn't figure it out. It was going to drive me loco in the cocoa! I needed a pony with smarticles, and I knew just the pony for the job! The one! The only....

"Okay, Pinkie. So why am I here?"

"Because, Twily, i've gotta find out what this means! I broke that stupid fourth wall again. Seriously if i break it so much, why not just have armed guards defending it all the time?" I could feel my mane starting to deflate as I said this. I was getting really unhappy with this!

The purple alicorn blinked once, and then starting giggling. "Oh, Pinkie Pie, you are so funny! The fourth wall isnt an actual object, it just a way of saying you broke physics!"

I tilted my head to the side. "But how can i break physics? Are they like Pumpkin cake's block towers?" I asked, pointing to where the little unicorn foal sat, stacking blocks and trying to stop her brother from knocking them down.

Twilight sighed. "No, Pinkie. It just means, you... Did something a little odd. That the audience doesn't expect. You interacted with the people watching. That's all"

"Oh you mean those absolutely fabulously amazing human people who cosplay and dress up as us and watch us and go to conventions about us and draw us and write songs and stories about us and get badly shunned by a lot of people because everyone thinks that ponies are for girls which they TOTALLY aren't?" I said in one breath. Twily took a step back, looking nervous.

"Yes you could put it that way... I've been doing some reading. As it turns out, there is a show made of us. On television. You have the ability to interact with the audience. You look at them. You talk to them. And you know how at the end of our little adventures, a big black wall comes up? And we see white letters scrolling up? Like, names? Except backwards?"

"Yes! I like to walk through that wall a lot."

"Well, Pinkie Pie. That's the fourth wall. To the humans, it's the single that the episode is over." My face fell. Episodes about magical talking horses have to end? But Twilight wasn't done. "To them, it's the ending screen and the credits, but to us, it's the invisible, unspoken barrier between our world and theirs,"

I gasped. "OOOOOH! I get it!"

"Yes. You break through that wall. We're not supposed to know we're being watched. But you do. Pinkie. You use that wonderful, advanced skill to your advantage without ever realizing it! It is a truly remarkable talent, Pinkamena!"

I cringed a little at my full name. But that wasn't what I was really focused on. Because while Twi-Twi was talking, Pumpkin Cake decided that it was a good idea to be a rude little foal, and start levitating everything. I suddenly remembered the first time I babysat. When I trapped them under a laundry basket and she made a hole in it with her magic. Is that the same thing?

"Say, Twilight... Do you think the twins could... Maybe... Possibly.. On any level...Break the fourth wall?!"

"Pinkie, it's an unusual talent. Only two people I've even heard of have done it, and that'd be just you and Spike. And Spike doesn't really pay attention to it like you do. I highly doubt that a foal could pull it off. Pumpkin and Pound Cake isn't even a year old, and Pound's Pegasus magic won't help."

"I don't have Unicorn magic. Neither does Spike. And we can break that old, stubborn fourth wall just the same, can't we?"

"Well, yes, but-"

"No buts! How do we get these babies to break a wall, Twilight? How? How? How?!"

"Pinkamena Diane Pie, listen to me! Breaking the fourth wall is very special. It's not something everypony can do. It's not something everypony should want to do. It's not something everypony should ever be able to do. And it's sure as hay not something that can be taught, especially to a young foal. Do you understand?"

I sighed. "Yeah yeah, I get it. Sheesh, when did you get so lecturey?" That isn't a word, is it? I'll make it a word, so haha on you, dictionary! Lecturey, lecturey, lecturey... Oops. Twilight is talking. I better listen to what else she has to say, maybe she can help.

"I don't want you to try and show off your ability or anything. And especially don't strain yourself. Neither of us knows exactly what you can do, okay? Deal?"


Thanks for the help Twi. Now if only I can get some info on why everyone throws away those perfectly good red balloons...