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Dramatic Shipping, or just drama in a big way. My stories keep the themes found in the mlp universe, while expanding those themes for an older audience. P.S. I'm awesome. So are you. Me more tho


A certain pony hasn't been out much, recently. Send Pinkie to lift their spirits! Problem: It's Pinkie. Then send her best friend! Who's her best friend, anyway? Twilight's let this one slide for too long. Does it fall to her? She doesn't understand Pinkie at all! Then again, no pony really does, do they? (Also, one of Twilight's braincells gets a sidestory. Did you just read that last bit? Yes you did!)
Tagged Romance: Fluffy fluff stuff.
Tagged Sad: Because a pony in it is sad.
Tagged Slice-of-life: Nothing eventful to see here.
Tagged Random: Metaphor gets out of hand, and one of Twilight's braincells gets a sidestory. I didn't write those parts to be funny, exactly, but, if they are, alert me in the comment section so i can add the 'comedy tag'.
Tagged: Thriller, for Containing Thriller
I don't know what i just wrote. At least it's edited O.o

Chapters (2)
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This was a most enjoyable story :pinkiehappy:
Liked and faved!

There's a favorite button, somewhere, i recommend that you favorite it, especially since the next chapter is half-done already! (I have no personal motivation for anypony/body to favorite my story(ies), as 'favoriting' is only visable to the author, unlike the like/dislike bar that i'm battling).
If you go to the top of the chapter, you'll find a 'star-shaped thingy' in a group of three square buttons, to the left of a clock-button, which is to the left of a bookmark button. You have to be logged-in.
The next chapter is mushy-mushy. I don't know why. In this ficcy-fic, i'm making the theme of every chapter different. I'm not sure as to what i'm capable of. I get good ratings for action-stories i write, but that's about it.
*looks at like/dislike bar*
That's what i get for a memoir-style preface.

Do the author-follow thing, so you can catch this enjoyable romp:
I'm halfway done:
"Pinkcutest" Description: Pinkie befriends her new mini-fridge. It's a Borg Cube. Tag: (comedy)

"Hey sugarcube." The cube slowly rotated and brought the door at it's front to face Applejack.
"Affirmative. Our geometric shape is that of a cube. Within us is housed nine cans of carbonated water which contain high concentrations of sugar."
"Is that so?" Applejack began slowly backing away.
"Please indicate the technology or method you used to scan beyond our protective layers of shielding?" The cube's volume began to rise. Applejack cringed and looked away.
"Well, dang, just forgot. Applebloom doesn't have a babysitter. Wouldn't want anything to happen to her. Gotta go." Applejack tried to scamper away, but a green beam of light began dragging her back by the tail.
"Your concern for your familial collective is commendable. Do you require assistance?"
"Nope, none at all. I'll be just fine, can do it myself, now if you'd let me go-"
"We are detecting an elevated heart rate and other signals that lead us to believe that you are experiencing the biologically-induced emotion known as fear." The cube hovered closer. "We possess vast offensive and defensive capabilities. What is the source of the threat to your young? It will be eliminated." Applejack let out a slow breath.
"Pinkie, your new friend is scarin' me."

I'm watching this closely since it sounds very promising. I'm waiting for that magical "completed" before diving in though. Been burned by too many unresolved shipfics.

I finally got around to reading this one. I love it it's so super amazing. Pinkies segments talk to me in a real way, and cranky reclusive twilight has always been my favorite. It feels like she lost that edge in the show but I suppose that's part of why I read fan fiction. The jokes have great timing and contrast will with the mood. When pinkie sings it's all there .

This story is absolutely amazing! I can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy: Just out of curiosity, when is the next chapter going to be posted? Or is this canceled :fluttercry:

You are, in fact, wrong. White is absence of a color. Black is all colors mixed.:twistnerd:

To me, black is the colour of closed eyes.

At this point we all closed our eyes. Don't even deny it.

Oh, and I loved the part where you did Twilight's mind.:rainbowlaugh:

Please update, this is such an amazing story and I would love to see it finished :twilightsmile:

In pigments, black is all colors mixed and white is the absence of colors.

However, when referring to light, the opposite is true. White is all of the lights of the spectrum, and black is the absence. That's why a prism refracts the entire spectrum.

Also, I hope this story finishes one day...

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