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Adagio and Aria are sick of Sonata and have left her. What will she do and how will she go on with life? Will she make some new friends?

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 6 )

Dude why not make it one chapter? I like read the whole thing in less than five minutes! It's good but really short!

Bit rushed chapters are short could use a little more depth but other than that i like it! Also pretty sure taco cupcakes would taste gross...

Logical logic is logical. TACO CUPCAKES!!!
Great story, a little rushed though.

"Here you." She said.

Just this and a few other minor errors, otherwise great story!

This chapter is a bit blocky. It feels slightly like an outline, or like stage directions, that could be reviewed and revised to expand and flow a bit better. It’s definitely a great premise, a Sonata redemption arc, and it definitely has the potential to grow into much more! Delve into emotions! What were they feeling when each scene happened? And don’t just say it, express through actions, or dialogue! I’m sorry if it sounds harsh, i’m not the best at constructive criticism, but I’m just trying to help.

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