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My name is Alex Sorrow. I'm a guy sitting at a computer writing stories about technicolor ponies and listening to heavy metal. Don't ask questions, just accept it. I love criticism, good or bad!


Many years after the original Mare-Do-Well disappeared and mere weeks after the vigilante resurfaced in Ponyville for a short time, a pegasus named Aurora, who had studied and looked up to Mare-Do-Well her entire life, finally discovers the truth of what happened to her fillyhood idol. Taking up the costume and mantle of her hero in order to protect the sprawling metropolis of Manehatten, Aurora faces crime as the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well!

When you feel like giving up, just remember that it took one titan to hold the sky, one princess to raise the sun, and one hero to save this city.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 8 )

Not bad. An interesting premise, at least. I'm curious to see where Aurora goes, and I'm curious about Aurora herself. Definitely needs a bit of editing for a few grammatical and formatting errors.

5015842 Oh, I can't stand reading/writing stories with errors! I thought for sure that all of them were gone. Where are they?

5017006 Mostly it seems like you just need to space the paragraphs, so it doesn't look like one long scroll of text. One thing I thought was an error actually wasn't, so that's my bad.

5017607 Space the paragraphs you say? Never occurred to me :pinkiegasp:

That'll make this look so much better!

Damn, I was writing a Story called The Return Of The Mysterious Mare Do Well. Now What?

5114151 "The Other Return of the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well"? :pinkiehappy:

"Mare-Do-Well's Return"?

"The Second Coming"??

:twilightoops:Bruce Wayner--Evergreen forgot to get a dobermaer-- a dragon to keep her costume safe from Terry McGinnier--her daughter, Aurora :facehoof:

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