Return of the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well

by xSorrow

Interlude 4-5

Interlude 4-5

From the headlining page of Manehatten Daily:

Mare-Do-Well in Manehatten?!

At around 7 'o clock yesterday evening, many ponies in our sprawling city witnessed the vigilante known to Equestria as the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well flying high above the city buildings, confirming the assumption that she is a Pegasus. Various eyewitness reports, including sources here at the Manehatten Daily, confirm her appearance to not be a tall tale, not a trick, but true. It is currently unknown why Mare-Do-Well chose to move from Ponyville to Manehatten, but there is speculation that it is a copycat vigilante. Unconfirmed reports say that Mare-Do-Well engaged in confrontation against the notorious Powerhouse, a stallion who has recently gained public attention for citywide destruction. These reports insist the duel took place in Manehatten's industrial district, but they remain unconfirmed. While Mare-Do-Well was in Ponyville, she... See A1 HERO