Return of the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well

by xSorrow

Interlude 5-6

Interlude 5-6

She had found the newspaper on her walk to school.

There had been two major developments in Manehatten the previous night, so the editors at Manehatten Daily were clearly confused about which headline to print. In the end, they had decided on one, but the other headline's size was almost as big.


And about halfway up the page:

Mare-Do-Well in Manehatten?!

She was significantly more interested in the second headline. According to the paper, Mare-Do-Well had been sighted in Manehatten. There were confirmed reports that the vigilante had been seen flying over the city (and there was even a blurry photograph to prove it) along with unconfirmed reports that she had engaged Powerhouse, comic book hero style.

"Hmm... so Aurora actually fought Powerhouse?" She wondered to herself, impressed. Then again, Aurora had beaten her, so Powerhouse shouldn't have been a problem.

Nevertheless, Golden Eagle was deep in thought as she continued the trot to school, discarding the newspaper on the sidewalk behind her. Taking on Aurora one-on-one was a mistake. Eagle would have to put some thought into her revenge, especially knowing that Aurora was Mare-Do-Well.

Then again, if Powerhouse clobbered her, then Eagle wouldn't have to waste time on revenge.

She shook her head as she trotted, trying to push Aurora out of her thoughts as Manehatten High came into view.