Return of the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well

by xSorrow

Interlude 1-2

“Is there somethin’ troubling ya, sir?”

He looked toward the stallion who had spoken, and noted the concern he saw on the stallion’s face. Under the concern was the fear that speaking aloud had been a mistake. He stared at the stallion for a few moments, satisfied as the stallion broke his glance and stared at his own hooves.

“I’m fine,” He answered, “I’m just… thinking about something my daughter brought up yesterday.”

Everypony shifted uncomfortably as he sighed, straightening up and ready to get to business.

“As you know, a group of those filthy PurePonies are still causing trouble for us, particularly around the business district. Despite our victory in the factory district, they’ve refused to release our members imprisoned in Paradise Towers. Gentleponies, I’ve decided that the best course of action here is to use Plan Omega.”

There was a strange mixture of startled gasps and excited laughs. Most ponies who sat around the table were surprised by the sudden announcement.

“But sir!” One mare protested, “With all due respect, Plan Omega is unprecedented! It’s too risky and Subject Powerhouse is too unstable! Surely there must be some other way to regain control of the city?”

“I’m well aware of the risks of the plan and the uncertainty of Subject Powerhouse,” He waved off the question, “But I’ve taken time to calculate every possible outcome. There is nopony like Powerhouse in Manehatten, and there is nopony that can stop him in all of Equestria!”

There were joyous whoops and gleeful shouts as he stood up from his chair at the head of the table.

“Somepony go tell Powerhouse that his time to shine has come… I have work to do.”