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Writing is fun, but I'm a musician at heart. I'm a Piano Performance Major at Baylor University.


The Flim Flam Brothers don't have a particularly upstanding reputation for their product. They're creative, sure, but quality just isn't on their priority list.

When the two of them decide to try their luck in a city known for parties, gambling, and most importantly, booze, the Flim Flam Brothers will quickly learn a valuable life lesson.

The citizens of Las Pegasus are not to be trifled with, especially not on a bad day.

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Idiots? Yes. But we do respect their tenacity. Funny stuff, a bit more violent then we thought but still real good. :moustache:

But ponies do like their cider. It's just that when they flip the quality switch, things go south fast. Speed goes up, quality goes down, and ponies get angry.

God, this is giving me Vietnam flashbacks to the last St. Patrick's Day. Still funny, regardless. I also liked how you had the mares drinking (not only us men are clueless drunks, you know?).

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