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Not as skillful with an instrument as her farmer friend, Rarity decides to use her voice to better perform. However, will her song reveal more to herself then originally anticipated?

Follow-up for "Nightly musing"

A hearty and deeply appreciative THANK YOU to Rarity Belle for moral support and critique.

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A thumbs up vote from me, for sure! Well done, pup, you have outdone yourself again.

4831286 *Gives a gracious bow* O' course, mate, I saw that one of my fav writers posted again and was like AHHH AND HE DIDNT TELL ME BEFORE?? XD

4831387 Ye shall be payin' for it, pup.

4831411 *waves a dismissive paw* Yeah, Yeah X3

Well, well, well, looky here laddies. Hmhmhmh, the tale is finally been released and doing some thing right. But where are my manners, congrats on getting this tale up and running dear. You deserve all of the credit that shall be coming your way.

4832883 Oh, my! A favorite even! ^^ Lol Thank you very much, my friend. However I couldn't have done so without your aid. Take a bow~ ^^/

4832895 No, no, no, no, this one is all on you dear. Take a step forward an claim your spot in the spotlight, this, is your moment of pride. Enjoy it, while I watch from the sideline with a warm smile going across my lips. I'm not in for the faves, the comments or the fame. No, I'm in this because I want to tell tales of interest as well as helping where I can.

This, is your moment.

magnifico me encanto

... I find it funny that I write a similar story, then I find this afterwards, now I feel bad. :rainbowlaugh: Nice story by the way.

5983695 Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^

Night is always long, the day is too short

This was beautifully written... sad as it is, I felt one with Applejack in the story. Her anger and concern radiated into me and all I could do was worry about Rarity.

Though, I do feel this could easily have a sequel, following what happens between these two after this. :raritywink:

Regardless, this was well written my friend, have a like and a fave!

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