• Published 12th May 2014
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Endless Dreamer - Tineid

Princess Luna is patrolling the dreamscape when she runs into Applebloom.

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The Dream Ends for Some

~ Alright Discord, we're all here! And we better look like ourselves when we're out of here! ~

Cocking his head to one side as if listening to some far-off voice, Discord declared "Ah, there's my cue!" He confidently snapped his fingers, materializing four very tired-looking ponies before him. He continued talking as most everypony in the room piled forward to embrace their friends, "Just as you were. No need to thank me, just being a good friend."

Fluttershy pulled herself free of eager hooves to hug Discord tightly. "Thank you so much. You are a good friend."

Discord rolled his eyes dramatically. "Well isn't that what I said?" But of course his heart swelled at this show of affection.

Though Celestia had kept her distance, she smiled and nodded. "Thank you Discord, for helping us despite some suspicions directed your way. And thank you Twilight and Fluttershy for putting yourselves at risk to help."

There was much embracing and affectionate nuzzling of friends and family and even a certain draconequus. Though they had been in Discord's dream for only a day, the thought of losing them had struck deeply into everypony's heart. A friend almost lost is a friend doubly appreciated.

Finally the group began to separate, giving everypony some breathing room. Applebloom, once again her little filly self, looked up at the three ponies who had been in the dream with her. "I've gotta thank everypony for savin' me. I woulda been a goner!"

Luna laughed, causing confusion to form on Applebloom's face. "No young one, it is you who saved me, time and again. This was my moment of weakness, my failure as Princess of the Night. I was bested by my enemies, placed you in danger, and made terrible mistakes the whole way through. But as I fell, you rose to the occasion. You proved you have skills nopony had even guessed at. You showed strength, courage, conviction."

Applebloom's cheeks coloured at this praise.

Luna raised her head up to its full height, spoke with the voice of authority. "Applebloom of the Apple family. I wish for you to become my apprentice. I wish to show you all I know of dreams, so that in time, two protectors shall watch over sleeping ponies everywhere!"

Applebloom's jaw hung open for several seconds as she tried to process this. "But- But I- Really? Me?"

Luna's voice softened. "Yes, little one. You have so much potential, I see that now."

Applebloom thought on it, but in the end nodded. "Alright, if this is how I can help ponies, I'll do it. You an' me are gonna keep dreamin' ponies safe!"

Everypony else in the room, who had been holding their breath waiting to see how this played out, exploded into cheers.

Pinkie Pie whipped out her party cannon and fired confetti across the room. "Hooray for Applebloom! We're gonna have a somepony-got-her-cutie-mark partyyyy!"

Everypony stopped, looked at Pinkie, looked at Applebloom's flank.

There it was, a bronze sheriff's star with a crescent moon just like Luna's embossed on it.

"I've got my cutie mark. I've got my cutie mark!!" The filly bounded around her friends. "I got my cutie mark in dream guardin'!"

There was more hugging as everyone congratulated her on this important milestone in her life.

"I'm so jealous!" Sweetie Belle squeaked, though it was obvious she was happy for her.

"It's a pretty awesome cutie mark, kid" admitted Rainbow Dash, "Maybe not as awesome as mine, but pretty awesome."

"All four of them are super-fantastic!" burst out Pinkie

"Wait, what?" a bewildered Applebloom wondered.

"The two you have there are great, and the ones that are on your other body are great too! Hooray!!" Pinke bounded over to the four-poster bed where the four dreaming ponies had been lain down to sleep. "See??" Where the bodies of four ponies still slept.

From behind everypony, Discord just quipped, "Oops. I suppose you didn't need new bodies when I brought you out..."

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Short and simple. But I'm not too sure about the pacing. But I feel it's leaning a bit on the 'just okay' side. It's a good and interesting read though, and the story seemed to flow nicely. But it can be very vague and confusing at more times than I would like.

I didn't even understand how Apple Bloom and Luna changed dreams in attempts to escape. For example, you wrote that when ponies wake up they could navigate the dreamscape easily back to their body. But in this case, I had no idea how they got from Rainbow's dream>dreamscape>?>?>?>Discord
It's very confusing.

4419997 Thanks for the input! I do agree with you on the pacing.

As for the confusion, I'll try to clear that up. The rule I decided on is there are only two ways to exit the dreamscape.
The first is that you are in your own dream (in your own head), in which case you can just wake up like normal.
The second is you are in a dream when that person wakes up. In the show, when Scootaloo's dream ended, it went all black hole and sucked Luna out. I imagined that the force of that would shoot her back to her own body.
So when Luna left RD's dream, she first tried to get back to Applebloom's dream so Applebloom could safely wake up. She was hopping dream to dream trying to do so when the other nightmares showed up. They prevented her from getting back to Applebloom's dream, so she went to Plan B. Plan B was to keep running until someone woke up with them in their dream, which would shoot them back to their own bodies. Instead, she was herded into Discord's dream, who never wakes up.

Hopefully that helps. :twilightsheepish:

That was adorable. I thought the pacing was fine, but I'm not picky. Just as AB and Luna were at their wit's end, Fluttershy Jesus shows up to save the day!

I really like the end, the whole thing about how discord gave them new bodies was really funny! :twilightblush: Just one question though, what are they going to do about their old bodies?

4757465 I don't know about the others, but Twilight will figure out a way to switch between her bodies. Then she can let a body rest peacefully while she stays awake in the other one. No more sleeping for Twily, only books!

4763224 Yeah that honestly sounds like something Twilight would do!

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