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When Twilight Sparkle heard about the way Spike acted around town when trying to source a quill for her, she realised that her assistant needed to atone for his actions. Quite a long-running argument had culminated in Spike stomping away from Quills and Sofas in a huff, and the last thing Twilight needed was to upset Ponyville’s only quill shop.

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There was quite a bit more to this story than I anticipated finding when I first saw the description. The narrative was solid, and the mechanics, grammar, and usage were all very good. You should be proud f this little piece, as it certainly warrants more attention than it has received.

They could just buy a pen, they are cheaper, and some of them goes "click".

Simply beautiful.

Spikey I need a new lounge , :duck: With extra fluffy !:moustache: Sure Rares. . .:facehoof:

Great story. A proper little slice of life that could well have made it into a real episode. Well done!

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