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WARNING: Dark themes and very mild graphic content.

The life of an alicorn is one of solidarity. Your place is never questioned, for it is guaranteed. There is no fear. There is no doubt. You are surrounded by your sisters, others like you, constantly aiding you, helping you, and always there is the voice of the Goddess.

What will happen when this ends?

A sidestory to Fallout: Equestria, set during the events of the main story in a different region. Follow 'Alicorn' as she does what she must to reunite with her precious Unity, and see what she discovers along the way.

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Cool story glad you made her less powerful than a normal allicorn or this might be to easy. Nice characterization on allicorn and moon shine.

Killer trees now why is that so fitting to fall out equestria. If the disconnected allicorns in the main story got cutey marks does allicorn have one?

4005151 We'll have to wait and see. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Got you faved I'll be back for more. Wonder if alicorn will regain any of her memories before unity. Of course I'm going off the idea that the great and powerful godess has already bit the mega spell. For all I know alicorn could have just traveled to far out lol.

So she doesn't remember who she was before Unity? Also Stable Dweller raiders is pretty unusual, but anyways this is good so far :twilightsmile:

4041631 I very firmly wanted this to be the story of an alicorn, not of a pony who became one. It's an area that, as far as I know, hasn't been explored much yet. Thank you very much for reading and the nice comment! The next chapter should be up on Sunday, I hope it doesn't disappoint!

4046448 I think Fallout Equestria Starlight has done that, I don't think the next one will disappoint from what I have read so far

Lol poor alicorn suddenly group leader, and having some very intresting feelings about moonshine.

Nice to see another green alicorn story. :pinkiehappy: Just an idea you might want to consider. When speaking with the We, Us and Our, it might be better to capitalize them. As an example: Because we cannot do that. Because We cannot do that. The first sounds like she's talking about her and some other ponies while the second is referring to herself.

4385730 Thanks for the comment! I like your idea, and my initial reaction was 'of course, the royal 'We' is capitalised for that very reason'. The more I thought about it however, when Alicorn says 'we', she's not using it like, for example, Princess Luna used it. She's using it, as force of habit, to mean all of Unity or, in other words, herself and some other ponies.

I really hope to see this story continues :pinkiehappy:

Your book has been advertised on the new facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/ :)

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