• Published 25th Feb 2014
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Dash Wears Panties - Rated Ponystar

Rainbow Dash wears panties in public for a whole day

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The Dare

Competition was a word that Rainbow Dash loved to associate herself with as often as possible. To her, life was a big game. A game where you had to come out on top against a bunch of others that were competing for the same prizes; be it success, love, wealth, fame, or just plain bragging rights. Sometimes it was fun. Sometimes it was serious. In other cases it could be life threatening.

Now Rainbow Dash didn’t like to brag...

... Okay she did, but Rainbow Dash could only name a small number of ponies in Equestria who could beat her in anything involving athletics. She loved showing off her skills because she felt proud of who she was and what she had become after years of hard training. Of course, competing against others was fun, but only if the opponent was a worthy challenge.

And in Ponyville, there was only one opponent she knew that could rival her.

“Eight hundred and sixty-five...Eight hundred and sixty-six... Eight hundred and sixty-seven,” grunted Rainbow Dash, pushing herself off the grass as sweat dripped down her brow. She could feel her muscles burning, but nevertheless she was determined to keep going until the earth pony across from her collapsed first. “Come on, AJ. I—ugh—can see you slipping... why don’t you give up now... and save yourself—ugh—from embarrassment!”

Applejack, lifting her head up, gave a cocky grin to match Dash’s own. Licking her drying lips, Applejack shook her head and continued her pushups, matching with Rainbow Dash’s pace perfectly. “No can do, Sugarcube. Ah’m gonna.... beat ya... and getcha to pay... for last week’s embarrassment!”

Rainbow Dash nearly lost herself to laughter as memories of last week’s penalty for losing in their competition came to mind. Upon learning that Pinkie Pie was now related to the Apples, at least that’s what Pinkie still believed, she’d decided to dare AJ to dye her mane pink as well. Applejack had the attention of the entire town when she had to go to market to sell her produce. The good thing was that everypony had come to the stall just to see Applejack’s new look, the bad thing was they came only for her and not for her apples. Pinkie Pie, however, was ecstatic that Applejack was trying to fit in with “Pie Family” customs. Apparently, everypony in Pinkie’s family dyed themselves to look like the pony they loved the most for their family reunions.

Since she didn’t sell any apples last week, Rainbow Dash knew that Applejack would be wanting revenge times ten. That made the stakes even higher this time. It had already been a full hour since they started their push ups and Rainbow Dash could feel her second wind leaving her. She cursed earth pony stamina, but nevertheless pressed forward. “Eight hundred and seventy-nine... Eight hundred and eighty... Eight hundred and eighty-one...”

Closing her eyes, Rainbow Dash urged every part of her body to keep moving forward. Nothing was going to stop her from getting another victory over Applejack. Nothing.

Except for something that happened to land on her nose. Opening her eyes in surprise, Rainbow Dash looked at her muzzle to see a tiny butterfly perched on her face. Despite this, she continued to do her pushups while even while twitching her nose in hope of shooing the bug away. This only served to make a certain itch grow on her nose which alerted her to all sorts of problems she desperately wanted to avoid.

Dash held her breath, trying to hold back the upcoming disaster, but it was too late. One large “Achoo!” later and she was lying on her stomach, the butterfly flying away, oblivious of it’s actions. Applejack completed her last push up before collapsing herself, only she was smiling in victory. “Yeehaw! Close one there, partner, but Ah’m the champion this time!”

“Oh, come on,” grumbled Rainbow Dash, getting up on all four hooves. “That butterfly totally interfered! I would have won if it didn’t make me sneeze! I want a rematch!”

“Now, now, Dash. Ya’ lost fair and square and y’all should take it like a mare,” said Applejack, getting up as her smile increased in size. “Unless yer afraid of what Ah got planned for ya.”

Snorting, Rainbow Dash puffed out her chest and narrowed her eyes at the unimpressed farmer. “Scared? Rainbow ‘Danger’ Dash is never scared! Bring it on, AJ!”

Applejack rubbed her chin as Rainbow Dash awaited her dare. She felt the tips of her coat shiver as seconds passed and nothing came out. Although never one for patience to begin with, Dash could feel boredom mix with anticipation as she tapped her hoof against the dirt over and over again. “Hurry up already!”

“Just give me a minute,” urged Applejack, holding her hoof. “Ah need a good one...”

“By the time you finally get an idea, it’s gonna be twenty years too late.” Suddenly, Applejack’s eyes widened as she gave a smirk that made Dash wish she kept her mouth shut. “O-on second thought, keep on thinking some more. Take all the time you need.”

“No need. Ah got it,” answered Applejack, tipping her hat. “If Ah remember correctly, ya’ got a lot of ponies to help out tomorrow in town right?”

“Yeah? So?” asked Rainbow Dash, raising an eyebrow. What does that have to do with anything.

After a brief chuckle, Applejack pointed to Rainbow Dash, and said, “Rainbow Dash, Ah dare ya to go into town tomorrow and do whatever it is ya’ gotta do... but ya’ have to wear panties the whole time!”

There was a long gap of silence on the farm. So quiet that not even the wind could be heard.


Birds and fruit bats hanging in the trees suddenly flew away from the mile loud shout; strong enough that some ponies near the edge of town leading from Sweet Apple Acres stopped and wondered who it was that shouted.

Meanwhile, Applejack was kicking her hooves in the air just from seeing Rainbow Dash’s expression. After shaking her head in disbelief, Rainbow Dash asked, “You want me to wear underwear?! In public?!”

“E-eeyup!” shouted Applejack, catching her breath as she got up and smiled. “Ah wantcha to head into town, wearin’ one of yer pairs of panties, and go into town with them. And they had better be good ones too.”

If Rainbow Dash could get any redder she would have looked like a pegasus version of Big Macintosh. “B-but you... I... I’ll look...”

“Sorry, Sugarcube. That’s the dare,” said Applejack, walking past the stunned pegasus with a bright smile on her face. “Ah’ll be in town as well so Ah’d better see yer blue bottom covered with somethin’ else or yer gonna have to admit yer a chicken. See ya.”

Rainbow Dash stood still as a statue long after Applejack had left. She continued to do so even after the sun had set. Finally, when the realization hit her just how late it was, Rainbow Dash only lowered her head and sighed. “Buck me.”



Of all the objects of clothing Applejack had dared her to put on it just had to be panties of all things. Contrary to popular belief, Rainbow Dash did have clothes she wore on various occasions, mostly shirts with some jeans. Many of them were Wonderbolts clothing she bought at their shows or similar shirts of bands that she liked. But the problem was she only had one pair of panties to wear.

Dash looked at them in her hooves, cringing with disgust. They were rainbow colored, just like her mane and tail, except they had pink cute bunnies hopping around with smiles. It had a been a gift from her grandmother two years ago and she only took them out of kindness, never planning to wear them ever. However, now she was wishing she burned them instead of leaving them hidden in her drawer.

Still a dare was a dare, and Rainbow Dash wasn’t going to be known as a chicken. With much hesitation, Dash closed her eyes and slowly put on the pair of panties that soon everypony in Ponyville would be seeing. When they were finally up, Rainbow Dash, for the life of her, couldn’t understand why some ponies even wore the things. It’s like it's crawling up my butt or something.

With that task done, Rainbow Dash made her way towards the front door and opened it, breathing in the morning air. Closing the door behind her, she then heard a gasp that made her freeze up before slowly turning her head to where she saw Derpy, wings frozen in midair before she landed on the cloud home with her mouth wide open and crossed eyes widened in shock. The mail she had in her now open mouth was flying in the air thanks to the wind that had picked it up.

Gulping, Rainbow Dash tried to think of how she was going to explain this to Derpy. Great, three seconds outside and already I’m in an awkward position.

“Derpy! I...um...” struggled Rainbow Dash, her cheeks slowly turning red as she turned about face, making sure the rear side of her was out of Derpy’s view. “Nice... weather we're having, huh?”

“Y-yeah,” muttered Derpy, her eyes slowly adjusting themselves. “Um, Rainbow Dash? Why are you wearing panties out in public? With nothing covering them?”

“Oh... um...” Rainbow Dash shifted her hooves against each other as she tried to think of a lie. “These... aren’t panties...”

“They look like panties,” pointed out Derpy.

“Oh sure but... um...” Rainbow Dash’s mind, in a panic, tried to think of a lie out of millions that processed with her head until she pulled one out. “It’s actually a special kind of cast!”

Derpy’s eyes widened. “A cast?”

“Yeah, one of those new... magical casts. It’s a new experimental form of treatment where your clothes are actual healing you!” said Rainbow Dash, faking a smile as best as she could.

Derpy rubbed her chin as one of her eyes floated upward while another stayed focused on Rainbow Dash’s sweating face. She continued to be in deep thought until she nodded and closed her eyes while smiling. “Okay. You must have landed really hard to hurt your flank like that.”

“Oh.. yeah...” muttered Rainbow Dash, pretending to wince in pain. “Still hurts a bit and all.”

Derpy’s eyes lit up with excitement as she flew over to Dash’s rump and poked it, making the lying pegasus blush. “Can I sign my name on it?”

Dash could feel every hair on her back straight up as she turned around and shouted, “Wait, what?!”

“That’s what you do for ponies in casts, right? You write something to make them feel better.” Derpy then dug into her mail carrier bag and took out a black marker. “Mah efan haf mah own maher!”

The first response Rainbow Dash wanted to give was “Hay no!” but then realized that if she did this it would only cause Derpy to be suspicious. Closing her eyes, she wondered if in a previous life she did something wrong to deserve this and sighed. “Alright... go ahead.”

Moving her body so that her flank was facing Derpy, she winced as she felt the cold black marker rub all over her flank. Now not only did she have a pair of rainbow colored panties with bunnies on them, but now Derpy’s name was written on it which would leave to more questions and even more rumors. Especially the ones about me being gay. I mean come on! Just because of my mane...

“Phinished!” said Derpy, putting the marker away in her mouth and smiled. “Thanks for letting me do this, Dash. I hope it will make you feel better.”

“Oh trust me Derpy...” grumbled Dash as she slowly turned around and saw the curved writing of the mailmare. “I’m sure I can’t feel any better than this.”

“You’re welcome. I have to go. Be careful where you sit and good luck on your recovery!” shouted Derpy as she flew off.

Rainbow Dash groaned before looking at Ponyville in the distance.Knowing that she had a full day left that was surely not gonna end well for her. Celestia help me this is gonna be a long day.

Author's Note:

Originally, this was going to be a one shot, but as I wrote I realize this was better as a story. Hope it's a good start!