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Rainbow Dash, fastest pony in all of Equestria and future member of The Wonderbolts has no fear of anything! May it be heights, depths or anything else!

Well... Maybe there's just one thing that she's afraid of- even though she might not admit it herself -, and that is the dentist.

Coming from a childhood trauma she sooner wants to forget, she is deadly afraid of going to these doctors. And the princesses pretty much hate her by now, because of all the days that she could have had a tooth ache, it is just today! Now, join Rainbow and her friend Twilight in this journey of madness and Twilight's growing annoyance in going with Rainbow Dash's antics until she finally finds enough courage of facing her fears and going to the dentist!

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I've had dreams like that. I woke up and cried after I realized it wasn't real...

4013811 In due time, my friend... In due time...

4024722 So there is more????????

4042398 Just like I said with the other chapter, in due time...

4759506 Not working on it yet, but soon, I guess.

For anyone who is following this story, I'm afraid that I must say that this story, from the point that I'm writing this sentence, is put on indefinite hiatus. Please allow me to explain.

As you can see from the dates the chapters were published, I haven't been writing on this story for over a year, and I haven't been working on it ever since. I simply don't have any inspiration to carry this story over to completion and I don't want that you guys might think that I died or wanted to lose this story or anything like that.

For the most part, this is simply because this is all part of a massive writers block from which I'm struggling with for over 2.5 years. This was meant to combat that. Unfortunately, this has proven to be fatal.

Of course, this does not mean that I have lost interest in this story. Maybe some day I might be able to carry on with this project, but from now on I have a feeling that I might find my hail in other projects I'm planning. You are all invited to join me in those endeavors. For example, I'm considering to write a story which is my take on the father case of Rainbow Dash. Of course, her father has been already revealed, but what if she 'isn't' her father? What if the rainbow haired one is her brother or nephew or something?

Anyways, I have told you too much of what I'm considering to write. I hope sincerely that you might join me with this.

May your endeavors be as great as mine, see you soon.

Iohann-12 Out.

Not my thing. I can't really say it's bad though. I can see some potential for a comedy fanfic about going to the dentist. It's pretty well written, the problem is that it is a bit forgettable. This can really get into some funny lines regarding going to and comeing from the dentist along with the tools and even the little lies and scary stories parents tell their kids about the dentist.

7676157 I needed something to mark this, so that Rainbow found out that it was a dream, and not real. Plus, Derpy here, isn't the BaldDumboRat version I adore. She's the general interpretation of Derpy, the one that's clumsy and everything.

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