A Visit To The Dentist

by Alue14


A Visit To The Dentist.

A MLP:FiM fic, by Alue14.
I do not own the rights for MLP:FiM, they are a trademark of Hasbro, Inc.

The Day.

Celestia stood with Luna on the balcony of their castle in Canterlot. Luna’s night still covered the lands, and shimmered in all its glory. Radiant stars brought their shy lights onto the Equestrian main, and galaxies were streaked through the sky like strokes of a fine pencil. Nebulae were spotted throughout the sky like dots covering a painting. Truly, the night was made by an artist who truly understood their craft.

But the artist, Princess Luna, had to surrender the beauty of her nightly design to the glory of the day. The artist of this warm lively scene, was no other than the ruler of all the lands, Princess Celestia herself. Luna was always sad when her older sister lifted the day, still remembering what happened over a thousand years ago. Her sister always calmed her younger sibling in these moments, and today, it wasn’t a difference.

“Be calm, Luna. It’s okay.” she said when she saw Luna tremble in despair.

“But ‘Tia, what of our loyal subjects? They haven’t seen my artwork and I-” she was cut short.

Celestia put her hoof in the air, calming her sister. “Luna, they did. I know this may be hard for you, but in your absence, things weren’t left unnoticed. I made sure that all our subjects would gander upon your glorious night.” reassured the Princess of the Day.

“Besides, if you weren’t here to bring the night, what would the ponies do if they didn’t have something to close off the day?” Celestia playfully poked into Luna’s side.

“Tia, quit it! You know I’m ticklish.” said the younger one while laughing.

All joking aside, Celestia prepared herself to change the shift of the planet. Changing the dark blue and black palette of the night into the pink and orange colors of the dawn required a lot of energy. Celestia had to rest a bit from the staggering feat. Pulling a whole star wasn’t something that could be done with ease, even if you were the most powerful creature in existence.

After Celestia regained her strength, the grayish-white small orb that was the moon, was replaced by the big, bright yellow fireball that was the sun. Celestia fell on her knees. This whole ordeal left her breathless. It most certainly wasn’t a sign of Celestia aging, no... she was still in her prime. The brute force of replacing the moon with the sun proved to be a daunting task, even for a creature who could easily stun a Draconequus and cast it into a stone prison.

Luna always ran to her older sister in moments like these, although Celestia never really fell ill from the task.

“Okay, Luna... Let’s get some breakfast...” said Celestia between pants and both exited the balcony for the insides of the castle. Leaving in their wake, were the ingredients for yet another beautiful Equestrian day. While Luna’s night always had the soothing rhythm of chirping crickets, regardless to which hour of the day it was, Celestia’s day was always a complete symphony of sounds. From the cheerful chirping of singing birds, to the buzzing of the bees, and the croaking of the toads, there was never a dull moment.

A swift flew past the castle towards the nearest city. The rural village of Ponyville. Even at this early hour, trains were passing by. The road that lead from Ponyville to the glorious city of Canterlot had ponies walking it, even though the sun had just come out.

The swift eventually landed in a tree which, unbeknownst to him, acted as the library of the village and housed one of the most studious and nervous librarians Equestria had ever seen. The unicorn known as Twilight Sparkle had just been awoken to the rays of the sun, her mentor had raised. The book mare's first task of the morning, surprisingly, wasn’t fixing breakfast. She and her dragon assistant were busy attending to the same thing they did every morning. The checklist for the day.

“Ready Spike?” asked the purple mare.

“Ready!” said the dragon youngling, quill and paper in hand.

“First check of the day, bring the quills Cheerilee asked for her classroom.” Twilight ordered.

“Second, don’t forget to bring breakfast. In Celestia’s name, how do I always forget that?”

“Ehh, Twilight, should I write that last part in the checklist..., or is this just you talking about stuff?” asked Spike, while scratching his head with the quill.

“Spike, how many times do I have to tell you that if I’m referring to something that isn’t on the list, it’s me talking!”

Spike didn’t let that bother him, and resumed writing the checklist for Twilight.

“Third, prepare parchment, ink and quill for a reserve checkup list, if the first checkup list may be inadequate,” Twilight said while smiling sheepishly. Spike just fell down, groaning.

“This is going to be a loooonngg morning...”

The swift left the treehouse for what it was, and resumed its way. It flew higher this time, up into the clouds that surrounded Ponyville. One particular cloud catched its attention, a cloud which had a house upon it. The most particular thing that captivated it was the rainbow waterfall near the side of the building. The swift decided to take his rest there for awhile, to gather up strength for the next leg of his journey.

He peered inside the house...

A certain cyan blue pegasus was still sleeping in her bed. No surprise, yesterday she had stayed up late. DJ-Pon3, or as her normal everyday name was called Vinyl Scratch, was busy on a tour throughout the whole of Equestria with her newest remixes. Rainbow Dash was invited to Vinyl’s newest rave by her co-workers, in order to celebrate the first day of her ‘forced vacation’.

Rainbow Dash was a working pony. Not like the farmers or salesponies that wandered Equestria. No, she was simply a weather pony, responsible for the climate in Ponyville.

Normally, she would be ready at this time. Flying to the weather station and preparing herself for the task that lay at hand for the day. But today, it was different.

Her boss, due to a mis-calculation, forgot to file in the workdays she and her co-workers had done so the Equestrian Weather Federation- the organization which controlled the weather of all Equestria -issued that these ponies were to receive a period of two weeks leave.

Of course, Rainbow Dash was happy first for the idea that she received off, but later she remembered what she would do in these days. Trying to get in in the Wonderbolts was out of the question since the local farmer, Applejack, forbid Rainbow to ever come near her orchard again for quite a long while. Applejack didn’t forgive and forget much when it came to her apple orchard.

So, now with the days off, she was bored. She did receive a whole bunch of Daring Do books, some stories even she had never read yet from Twilight, but she was sure that even this wouldn’t relieve her boredom.

So, Rainbow Dash was sleeping off from the rave of last night. But the rays of the sun wouldn’t stay hidden for long and breached into the flying pony’s room. Rainbow Dash awoke, frantically attempting to fight off the rays. She was muttering something about her mother letting her sleep longer and how she wasn’t ready to go to flight camp today.

Her fight against the rays was futile, and eventually she was awake. The first thing her weary eyes saw was the wall-wide poster of her childhood hero. The previous Wonderbolt captain, Furious Storm. The poster was even autographed. Dash still remembered that day like it was yesterday...

She quickly regained her thoughts. ‘No time for memories, Rainbow Dash! Today we will try to get in the Wonderbolts! We only have to find another place to train our routines!’ she said to herself, cringing about the thought of having the hooves of both Applejack ánd Big Mac in her face again.

She stepped off her bed and walked in the bathroom. Rainbow Dash was not one who took mouth hygiene very seriously, so she quickly brushed her teeth and spat it out. She closed the cabinet above her sink and walked into the kitchen.

Once again, Dash wasn’t a morning pony so her breakfast mostly consisted of nothing more than a bowl of sugar-coated cereal and some cupcakes Pinkie Pie had always supplied her with. Sometimes she wondered how that pink mare was even able to bring those to her home in the clouds to beging with...

She quickly ate her breakfast, drank some milk and left a few leaves of lettuce for Tank. She still had to thank Fluttershy for pushing her to let Tank compete. If it wasn’t for him, she still would be in Ghastly Gorge...

With that done, she opened the door of her cloud home, unfurled her wings and took skywards for yet another bright day, and another chance to accomplish her childhood dream. While she was flying, she remembered a very secluded part, just 2 Kms East of Ponyville.

The swift, just like the pegasus, flew away for another part of Equestria. But in the town of Ponyville, another mare was slowly beginning to wake up as well.

Inside one of the houses of Ponyville, the morning rays of the sun also breached into the room of a sleeping mare, but this mare had a different morning routine. The rays filled the room of a unicorn. She had a turquoise coat, a white-saturated blue striped mane and tail and an hourglass cutie mark. Instead of the pegasus, who attempted to fight the rays, this mare awoke with it.

She entered her bathroom but instead of the pegasus, who brushed her teeth with just two swigs, she took many precautions. She brushed it for the normal 2 minutes and flossed her teeth. After that, she washed her muzzle. After she washed herself, she walked over to the kitchen and decided to eat an apple. She then levitated her lunch into her saddlebag, as she grabbed her most cherished piece, a simple brush. Colgate whispered, “Brushy, brushy.” to the brush and placed it in with her lunch. She placed her saddlebag on her back, and walked out of the door.

This mare was, just like the pegasus, a working pony. But instead of being a mere employee, Colgate had her own business. She was Ponyville’s town dentist.

Colgate, while walking, hummed a little tune. Something merry, but something you couldn't put your finger on if you heard it. Whenever anypony asked her about it, she would always say it was a secret. It was a actually a little lullaby... Colgate had very loving parents who stood behind her in everything she did, but when she did wrong, her parents were always lovingly pointing out her flaws.

After a bit of walking through the slowly awakening city of Ponyville, she stopped at the door of her workplace. Her attendee wasn’t there yet, so she had some time to give a ‘closer inspection’.
The mare wasn’t a mare that held secrets, but this little secret, if it would leak out through in the city or maybe the whole of Equestria, could seriously damage her career, or even end it...

Colgate walked into the examination room, closed the door, laid down on the chair and surfaced her precious childhood item- her old brush. She relaxed a little, sighed freely and combed through her hair; all the while singing a happy, merrily tune.

‘Brushie, brushie, brush, brush, brush, brush...’ She did this for quite a while...


Meanwhile, Twilight was walking through the town. She had brought the quills to Cheerilee and was quite happy. It was a Saturday, and Spike had asked Cheerilee what she was doing in the classroom on a day like this. Twilight wanted to give Spike a little pat on the head for that question, but Cheerilee just merrily chuckled at the dragon youngling.

‘Funny that you asked, Spike. I enjoy your eagerness.’ said Cheerilee with the same demeanor she had when she taught her fillies throughout the week. Spike placed his claws on his middle and grinned to the unicorn he was riding. Twilight sighed from his stupidity.

‘You see, Spike, a teacher has more work than only teaching itself. A teacher should also work on lesson plans she or he will bring on when the next day comes. She or he should also examine the lessons for the fillies for errors and other things.’

Spike listened with interest to Cheerilee, explaining the craft of teaching. Twilight didn’t care much, as her own teacher did pretty much the same thing when she was young. After Cheerilee had finished her explanation, Twilight thanked Cheerilee and walked further, out of the classroom and went towards the nearest restaurant for breakfast. Sometimes Twilight would kick herself for forgetting to eat in the morning.

She soon found a restaurant, but before she could order, a flash erupted from out of nowhere to reveal a pink earth pony.

‘Twilight! My forelegs and backlegs both moved and with my Pinkie Sense, I knew that you were hungry so I waited in Sugar Cube Corner, but you didn’t came over, so I began searching around and I found you here, and I thought the worst and-’

Twilight wanted to say that Pinkie should stop, but within an instant, Pinkie dragged Twilight all the way over back to Sugar Cube Corner while talking gibberish into her ears. Twilight thought she saw Pinkie’s mane straightening again, but it was just a flicker in the sun. At least, that’s what she hoped.

Spike, still on Twilight’s back, was holding for dear life when Pinkie yanked Twilight over to her place. Mr. Cake was just finishing a small order, when Pinkie burst into the room. Luckily, the large wooden door held its composure, with Mr. Cake sighing in happiness as it revealed the Pink Menace.

Mr. Cake wanted to say something to Pinkie, but before he could speak, Pinkie sped up the stairs in a pink and purple flash. After Pinkie’s record breaking attempt ascending the stairs of Sugar Cube Corner, she broke through the door of her room and placed the purple unicorn in her room, right behind the door.

Twilight and Spike were still dazed after the wild ride and it took them a while until they regained their composure. The first thing Twilight sensed, was the smell of foal powder. The strong, musky smell penetrated her nostrils and snapped her back to consciousness. She spun her head around, and what she saw next, was a part she didn’t immediately recognize as a part of Pinkie’s room.

At the far most right of Twilight’s position stood a cradle. She walked to it, and saw the two young foals the Cake’s had.

Pound and Pumpkin Cake.

They were both silently sleeping, with a smile on each face.

Twilight walked further and saw plushies littered across the floor. Twilight assumed that they were the toys the small foals played with. There lay a tortoise, a butterfly and a monkey. Twilight tried to avoid the stuffed animals, but due to the darkened lighting of the room she accidentally tapped one of the animals with her hoof. Twilight let out a little shriek, quickly placing her hoof to her mouth to silence it. She didn’t want to wake the small Cake’s.

Whew, THAT was close!, she thought.

She almost shrieked again, but kept herself silent. A foul, moist taste filled her mouth. After she knew that the twins weren’t awake, she brought back her hoof and saw it was full with saliva. The whole hoof was drenched with saliva. A quick inspection revealed that all the stuffed animals were soaked with pony saliva.

Twilight could only conjure up that one of the foals used to stuff the stuffed animals in its mouth, but she couldn’t tell which one.

Spike regained his senses after what seemed like an eternity, but was nothing more than 10 minutes.

‘Wooowww... Holy guacamole, what did Pinkie eat this morning?’ spoke Spike, groggily.
‘Shhh... quiet, Spike! We’re in the foal’s room!’ whispered Twilight, placing her other hoof on Spike’s face.

‘The foal’s room? Why would Pinkie put us here?’ whispered Spike in return.

‘I don’t know, Spike, but I don’t like it a-’

Twilight was cut off when Pinkie silently opened the door, and made a gesture with her hoof, indicating that Twilight and Spike could come. Luckily for them both, the pink mare had calmed down.

‘Sorry for that little freakout, Twilight, but I had one of my ‘Pinkamena moments’, if you know what I mean.’

‘“Pinkamena moments?” What do you mean, Pinkie?’

‘Well, Twilight, when I get a little more mad than normal, I turn in a super meanie pants. Just like when I forgot my own birthday, remember?’

Twilight suddenly realized.

Of course! That explains her moment back then!

Twilight wanted to ask Pinkie why she let her and Spike wait in the same room where the foals slept, but Pinkie already answered.

‘Oh, yeah. Twilight, the reason that I locked you and Spike up with the twins, is-’ but Pinkie was cut off short when she suddenly blasted away. Twilight and Spike were stunned.

‘Wow, where is she going to this time?’ said Spike, regaining consciousness after the blast.

‘I don’t know, Spike. I just don’t know.’ It was all she could say.

Twilight hadn't spoken a moment too soon, and as if by magic, the pink earth pony mare stood in her face again, carrying a tray of cupcakes and other pastries.

‘Here you go, Twilight! A blessed breakfast from Sugar Cube Corner!’ said Pinkie Pie. Twilight was still stunned, but after a while, she took a cupcake from the tray and munched on it. ‘Not bad.’

‘I know you readers are thinking that I’m going to cut her open soon, but it’s alright! This fic ain’t gonna have that happen to her!’ said Pinkie to nopony in particular.

Twilight and Spike were, once again, stunned after Pinkie spoke to herself, but Pinkie shushed them and muttered under her breath, ‘Stupid fanfic...’


Meanwhile, somewhere on the outskirts of Ponyville, a rainbow colored streak could be seen and it was flying through the air and practicing some of the most difficult routines seen by pony eyes. Yes, Rainbow Dash was back in business.

Someday, she hoped that Spitfire or Soarin’ would see her routines, welcoming her into the Wonderbolts, but there was always something that forced her to postpone her lifelong dream.

The sun shone beautifully on the small field where Dashie was flying, radiating it with a relaxing heat. The birds chirped loudly and gloriously. The smell of wet wheat filled the nostrils of Dash while she was flying, and it smelled satisfying.

Dashie was speeding yet again. She turned around for a corkscrew and sped faster to prepare herself for the Buccaneer Blast. The small field was witness to a gigantic blast of light. But Dashie wasn’t finished yet. She sped fast enough to fly high above the clouds, turning a couple of them around and flew downside, building a massive amount of speed. She was so fast, that a cone formed around her and exploded in a blaze of beautiful rainbow light. Once again, she managed to pull off a Sonic Rainboom.

While she was flying with a rainbow trailing behind her, she thought she saw a streak of fire flying alongside her. She didn’t know who or what this strange occurrence was, but she wasn’t planning to go down without a fight. Pony or not! So, she prepared herself to speed off, and woosh! There she went.

For five long minutes, Rainbow Dash and the firestreak were racing a race that could have gone down for the ages. Dashie flew with great speed, overlapping the streak of fire, causing her to create yet another sonic rainboom. A random cloud appeared into Dash’s flightpath. She crashed into the cloud with great speed. After she regained consciousness from the crash, she collapsed on the cloud while laughing her plot off. She turned around and laid down happily on the cloud.

She slept there for a few minutes. Dash was awoken when someone or something was talking to her. ‘Dash... Dash... Rainbow Dash, wake up, ’ it said. Dashie didn’t want to wake up, the dream she was in was too good. ‘Dash, hey, wake up. Come on, Rainbow Dash it’s time to wake up!’ the voice spoke to her. Eventually, she awoke groggily.

‘Yeah, yeah, Mom. I’m awake-’ Suddenly, she remembered that voice. That gruff, female voice. She turned her head around and saw Spitfire, the current captain of the Wonderbolts in her Wonderbolts uniform.

‘Heh, Dash. Saved Soarin’s pie ánd managed to defeat the Wonderbolts captain in an epic race. I knew you had potential, Dash... But now we're sure that you’re ‘Bolts material!’ said the yellow and orange pegasus. Dashie couldn’t believe her words, she managed to defeat Spitfire! One of the best flyers Equestria had ever seen!

‘Ohmygoshohmygoshomygosh!’ was everything that she could manage to say to Spitfire when she handed the uniform and flight goggles to her, and kept saying when she put the uniform and goggles on.

‘Welcome to the team, Dash! Bet ya can’t defeat me in a race to Cloudsdale!’ said Spitfire.

‘Hah! We’ll see about that!’ returned Rainbow Dash, sporting her new uniform. They prepared themselves, unfurled their wings, and took off into the setting sun.

Or, it could’ve happened if Dash wasn’t sleeping her plot off... She awoke on the same cloud, shook her head, screaming the name of Spitfire and saw the fireball she was flying against. She knew that the fireball gave up too quickly. If it was Spitfire with her Sonic Firebolt, it would have been far more difficult.

She saw that it was only Derpy with her tail on fire...

She then came to grips that it was all a dream. She groaned in defeat. Yet another chance to be a Wonderbolt crushed. ‘How in Nightmare Moon’s name can I get their attention?!’ screamed Rainbow Dash in the sky, small tears of disappointment streaking from her eyes.

Suddenly, a bolt of pain flowed through her veins. It was a very harsh pain, similar to a very hard pinch in the arm. ‘Ow! What the?’ Dashie said.

‘Ow! Come on!’ she said when the pain kept on going. She took off, flying back to her house. She had enough practice for today. ‘Ow!! Oh, come on!’ Dashie cried again. All along the flight, she cried from the strange pain that ran through her. The pain became too harsh and she crash landed into a tree. She found the pain coming from her mouth. She stuck her hoof into her mouth and searched throughout her mouth. When she brushed over a tooth back in her mouth, it caused a sudden jolt of pain, and then came the realization.

She had a toothache...

‘Oh no! Ohnohnohnonhnohno TWILIGHT!!!’ she screamed while flying away to the Golden Oaks Library...