• Published 1st Dec 2013
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Pinkie Pie and Slender - Swirling Line

Pinkie Pie's night takes an interesting turn when a tall faceless pony appears randomly in her bedroom. Excited by the idea of a new friend Pinkie is bouncing up and down asking him questions about his life and talents. Little does she know that

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Luna and Slender

Author's Note:

Luna and Slendy! There will be another chapter where we'll see the princesses discussing Slendy and if he really is good...

Then we'll have Rarity and Slendy!

As always you can read the rest at: http://pinkiepieandslender.tumblr.com/

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3668117 I think we should get the site admins to make a category for Eldritch Horrors From the Void Beyond Space and Time.


To be fair, that was written before the episode aired. :twilightsheepish:

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