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Swirling Line


Pinkie Pie's night takes an interesting turn when a tall faceless pony appears randomly in her bedroom. Excited by the idea of a new friend Pinkie is bouncing up and down asking him questions about his life and talents. Little does she know that this Slender Mane, a pony older then time who came to ponynap her and take her away. Armed with the power of laughter these two are in for an interesting night.

Special thanks to Jade Ring for helping me with editing and for helping me to discover the Slender One in the first place.

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She wrapped her arms around his neck.


This was a great story, well done! :pinkiesmile:

This story reminds me of The Annoying Orange when it goes against Slender. Keep up the good work.


Wait, are you saying the Annoying Orange meets Slender Man? Huh... I did not know that.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

im sorry while this story seems intresting, the pasing is far to fast he goes from homicidal to tame in a short while you could have drawn it out a bit more. this would have worked as a oneshot tho


Thanks for your feedback! I was wondering if the transition was too fast... (And I was going to poke a little bit of fun at it when Celestia's part came up.)

Would you have any suggestions for scenes/parts or even dialog that I could put it to help the transition go more smoothly?

An excellent first fic. There are some pacing issues but I felt the dead-on characterization of Pinkie Pie more than made up for it.

It was my honor to be your editor and I'd happily do so again.


this will be a very fun read I'd love to have slendy as a friend :twilightsmile:

i bet there's a heart of gold some where it that unholy ribcage that is now filled with delightful treat's :pinkiehappy:


Thanks! The next chapter will be online soon. It will be short though. I'll post the link when its up. I'm actually continuing this story one Tumblr.

Would slenderpony be other or oc? It's not original and it's not another character from the story.

I used other pony.

Since he isn't an OC and he's not a pony from the show I used Other, sort of like a Miscellaneous category.

3564822 I require links or I cannot legitimize the merit of this happening, good sir.

i was totally expecting this if i can read a fic about pinkie going to hell and annoying satan so much that she kicks her out then i can believe her making friends with slendermane

3926869 That sounds hilarious! What story is that?

3668117 I think we should get the site admins to make a category for Eldritch Horrors From the Void Beyond Space and Time.


To be fair, that was written before the episode aired. :twilightsheepish:

I finally got around to reading it. Very fun read, especially the song! The story read like an episode, which is something that takes a lot of skill to perfect. I look forward to seeing more Slendy!

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