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So, there's this tumblr called Thirty Minute Pony Stories, full of fun prompts where you read one, and then have 30 minutes to write it. So I did a bunch of random ones. And here they are! Below are the actual synopsis and tags for each story.

#41: Memories of the Sun
Tags: I have no idea.
Synopsis: Celestia remembers.

#52: The Show's About to Start
Tags: Tragedy(?)
Synopsis: Trixie becomes great and powerful.

#74: A Special Engagement
Tags: Romance
Synopsis: Pinkie Pie's peculiar proposal

#191: A Cry for Help
Tags: Comedy
Synopsis: Dear Elements of Harmony...

#550: Itty-Bitty Living Space
Tags: College AU
Synopsis: Two or more of the Mane Six move in together.

#522: Reign Names
Tags: My Current Canon Kinda, Exposition Stuff
Synopsis: Celestia and Luna have not always been called the same names in every place and in every age.

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Not bad at all. :eeyup:

Thumbed it up!

Hmmm... I would prefer if you go into more detail in this. It's good, but I need MOAR. I can see what you meant, though. :twilightsmile:

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