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Hey I'm Jordan, brony, furry. My favourite characters are spike and fluttershy and my favourite relationship is sparity hehe


Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash go on their epic quest to find the best fast food in all of Equestria, only found at the Crystal Castle diner. Getting there is the only problem...Follow their funny antics and stupid stoner comedy in this epic adventure of two friends with a passion for weed and good munch. A fun parody of the Awesome movie: Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

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AWESOME MAN! Cant wait for the second chapter :yay:

Thank you for the chapter good sir i :heart: this stroy so much. :moustache:

Do mine eyes deceive me? Is this a Harold and Kumar adaptation/crossover? And with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy no less? This seems like the most epic pair to do something White Castle style. xD

Totally checking this out!

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