Fluttershy and Rainbow go to Crystal Castle

by TheBigFriendlyDragon

First published

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash go on their epic quest to find the best fast food in all of Equestria, only found at the Crystal Castle diner

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash go on their epic quest to find the best fast food in all of Equestria, only found at the Crystal Castle diner. Getting there is the only problem...Follow their funny antics and stupid stoner comedy in this epic adventure of two friends with a passion for weed and good munch. A fun parody of the Awesome movie: Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

Chapter 1: Everfree Kush

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Fluttershy smiled warmly as she exhaled the smoke, pushing it slowly out of her lungs. She looked at the pipe in her hooves and smiled as she placed the pipe down her coffee table along with the lighter in her other hoof. She then proceeded to put her hooves onto the other end of the couch, grabbing the packet of daisy chips that were laying on the floor. Crumbs spilled out of the packet as she lazily picked it up and placed it on her belly, the smile never leaving her face as she began to slowly eat the chips.

“Hey…Flutters..Fluuttterrrsss.” Fluttershy looked at Rainbow whose eyes were becoming rather slinted and hazy, giggling at this she pulled herself up, sitting up straight to face Rainbow Dash.

“What is it…do you want to have another…I don’t mind-“

“No…we’re…we’re out.” Fluttershy’s eyes slowly widened as Angel who had just hopped onto her head, waved an empty baggy in front of her and sighed.

“Awwhh…Well I guess I gotta feed my lil’ friends soon anyway so..” Rainbow sat up to face Fluttershy, her smile fading as she stared at the empty sealable bag that Angel had now thrown onto the table. He proceeded to curl up on the couch beside Fluttershy and doze. Fluttershy didn’t usually share her weed with him, mainly because she was afraid that it could mess with his little bunny brain, but when she did, he relished every moment of it.

“Awwh…Come on Flutters…we been buds since flight school, hell without me you’d have no confidence....confidence..con-fi-dence..Look. I’m not trying to put pressure on you but…cooome ooon…Pleaaase, we just gotta go to Zecora, I think she got some of that Everfree Kush....” Rainbow smiled widely as she grabbed Fluttershy’s hoof tightly, opening her eyes the widest they could go and staring into Fluttershy's eyes hypnotically. “Ever.free.Kush.” Fluttershy just nooded, giggling slightly and giving Rainbow a pat on the head before standing up very slowly and heading to her feed box.

"Rainbow, you’re so cute when you’re stoned…buut…I have to feed my animals…And if we smoke anymore you’ll end up eating all of Angel’s carrots again” Angel opened his eyes for a second to give Rainbow Dash the dirtiest of looks before proceeding to doze off again, mumbling to himself as he got comfortable on the couch.

“Besides…I’m all outta bits…it’s a week until the end of the month…or Is a it year…” Fluttershy pondered for a moment before shaking her head. "Anyway Dashie, don't you have to give Scootaloo flying lessons today?" Fluttershy started to grab some animal feed and turned around to see that Rainbow Dash had already left, smiling to herself she walked outside to begin feeding the animals, giggling at Rainbow's antics.

As soon as Rainbow left Fluttershy's cottage she was already flying to Sweet Apple Acres, definitely not even half her usual speed but still quick enough to meet Scootaloo in time, she wondered how in hell she would be able to teach Scotaloo in this state, she scolding herself as she landed in front of the CMC clubhouse, collapsing onto the ground, her mouth as dry as a desert. "Damn..I got cotton mouth bad..." she mumbled to herself as Scotaloo was watching with a worried look on her face and Rainbow Dash slowly stood up.

"Rainbow Dash! Are you okay?!" Scotaloo walked over to Rainbow Dash staring at her curiously, looking at her eyes, they seemed red and hazy, she wondered if Rainbow was feeling sick "If you're not well Rainbow it's totally cool, like I know you got a busy schedule and stuff so-

"Kid chill...I'm cool to help you learn to fly, it's just, I'm feeling a bit under the weather today so that's why I crashed...I'm still as awesome as ever though, even the greatest flyer in Equestria crashes...occasionally. Anyway kid you got like a water bottle or something...I'm really thirsty" Rainbow smiled as Scotaloo galloped into the clubhouse to find the water bottle, as she was gone Rainbow face hoofed herself for not borrowing some of Fluttershy's clear eyes. She knew Scoots would never bust her but that doesn't mean her parent's couldn't.

"Here ya go Rainbow, the bestest, most clear water in all of Equestria for the best flyer in Ponyville." Scotaloo smiled widely, puffing a little as she gave Rainbow the water, Dash proceeded to drink half the bottle in one gulp and lick her lips profusely as she gave the filly her water bottle back. Rainbow Dash sighed and blinked slowly as she stared at the filly, smiling glumly before coming back to reality.

"Okay Scoots...why don't you do 10 laps of the farm to warm up and when you're finished we'll start the flying..." Scotaloo just nodded enthusiastically with a wide smile on her face and ran off to complete her task as Rainbow Dash laid back on the grass outside the clubhouse and fell asleep under Celestia's warm sun.

Fluttershy has just finished feeding all of her animal friends and was preparing Angel's special salad, she had sobered up now and was humming happily to herself as she added all the fresh vegetables into the bowl, Angel was very hungry, he'd had the munchies for the past hour and was getting annoyed.

"Angel be patient. You know that it takes time and care to make your special salad, Momma has had things to do today you know." Angel just sat in the kitchen beside Fluttershy tapping his foot impatiently, his arms crossed and a sour look over his face, he really was not pleased.

Fluttershy finally finished his salad and put it on the floor of the kitchen for him and giggled as he quickly ate the whole salad "Angel hunny you have to eat slower or you'll get a tummy ache" He ignored her and waffled the last carrot down, laying on his back, stomach protuding.

Fluttershy stood washing her hooves as a smile crept across her face, she had just remembered she had stash under her couch for just her "I have been working for the past 3 to 4 hours....a lil' bong won't hurt..." she squeeded and quickly dried her hooves as she trotted over to the couch and pulled out the sealable bag from under it, there was only a gram or so in bag but enough for one bong at least.

Fluttershy took the small 2 foot bong from the coffee table and took the weed out of the baggy, putting all of it into the bowl of the bong, the bong water in it that was relatively clean so she needn't worry about filling it again. She took the clipper style lighter in one hoof and placed her other hoof over the carb. She then sat down on the couch and put her mouth over the bong and proceeded to rip it. As she ripped it she smiled inside at the bubbling sound and the familiar smell of sweet Mary Jane. She finally let go of the hole and stopped lighting the bowl as she quickly inhaled the thick smoke. She held it for a moment, her lungs burning ever so slightly and eventually exhaled and leant back onto the couch, a wide smile forming on her face as the smoke drifted around the small cottage.

"That..was..lovely..." she said inbetween breaths as she grabbed the daisy chips from earlier and began to munch on them. She was about the place a chip in her mouth when Rainbow Dash quickly burst through the door, her face beaming, Fluttershy did nothing for the first couple of seconds before squeeing and jumping a little. "Daashhie...knock before...before you come into my humble house of abode.."

Rainbow Dash chuckled at Fluttershy as she dived onto the couch opposite her, holding 20 bits in front of Fluttershy "Scoots' parents gave me this for giving her flying lessons. Awesome right!!" Rainbow Dash bounced excitedly as Fluttershy nodded and went back to eating her daisy chips, smiling widely as she did.

"We can get...2 grams from Zecora...right?" Fluttershy said slowly, slurring the last word as Rainbow Dash nodded and hovered over to the door.

"You coming Flutters?" Fluttershy just looked at Rainbow, she was laying on the couch, shovelling daisy chips into her mouth, her eyes almost closed and as red as the evening sun.

"No...Thank you..for the offer but...I decline...sorry" Rainbow Dash just laughed as she waved to Fluttershy and exited her cottage making her way towards Zecora's hut in the Everfree forest.

Rainbow stopped outside the hut and knocked on the door, keeping the 20 bits to hoof. Zecora quickly came to the door and beckoned her to come in before peeking her head through the doorway to check if anyone was there.

"Hello Rainbow Dash, I'm guessing you need to refill your stash?" Zecora slowly pulled out a few nugs from a sealable bag sitting on the table, the nugs were the deepest shade of green and purple, pretty big and as dry as the sun itself.

"Wow...Zecora is that the Kush?" Rainbow practically shouted excitedly before beginning to stare at the nugs while dropping the 20 bits into Zecora's hand still staring idly at the weed.

"Shush, Yes this is indeed the Everfree Kush. Though Be careful, this weed has power, and a high as beautiful as a sunflower. Now go my good friend, I do not need anymore loose ends." Zecora put the baggy in a safe lock box which she stored in a cupboard before holding out the 2 grams of kush in her hoof for Rainbow to take.

Rainbow took the nugs out of Zecora's hand and took a baggy from her table before she rushed out of the door of Zecora's hut and flew as fast as she could to Fluttershy's cottage, excitement building inside her to try out the strong strain of weed she was carrying.

Chapter 2: Fluttershy and Rainbow get the munchies

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Rainbow proceeded to knock on Fluttershy's door loudly, practically bouncing with excitement, looking like Pinkie Pie after a cup of coffee. The door slowly opened to present a still stoned Fluttershy, a joint in her mouth, smoke pouring out of the house, along with that very strong familiar smell.

"Hey Rainbow!" Fluttershy just hugged Rainbow and put her forehoof around her neck and beckoned her inside, they both sat on the two couch's opposite each other, Rainbow with a confused smile on her face just lay back on the couch and through the baggy onto the coffee table. "Wooowwww....Dash...awweeessooomme" Fluttershy squee'd with excitement as she gave rainbow the spliff and proceeded to open the baggy and smell the weed, as she brought her nose to the tip of the bag she took a large whiff and beamed at Rainbow "Ohhh my Celestia! This smells...Beautiful..."

Rainbow smiled and took the bag gently from Fluttershy and started to gather the materials to roll a joint but Fluttershy waved her hoof in front of her face. Rainbow put the materials down, a confused look on her face. Fluttershy just smiled and scurried out of the room excitedly. Rainbow, pretty confused just smoked the join happily, feeling that warm cozy feeling take her over, she felt blissful.

Fluttershy returned, hoding a 4 foot shisha pipe, Rainbow Dash nearly dropped the joint onto the floor before placing it back into her mouth and moving the coffee table with the help of a certain bunny who looked nearly as excited as Fluttershy, he hopped onto the couch opposite Rainbow Dash as fluttershy slowly placed the pipe onto the floor inbetween the two couch's and took in a deep breath.

"Flutters...where the hell did you get this awesome shisha...I haven't seen one of these since flight school...Where did you get it?" Fluttershy made her self on comfortable on the couch and took a daisy chip that Angel had offered her placing it in her mouth, crunching it slowly as she let him cuddle up to her as she began to place the coal on top of the shisha.

"Well...A stallion from the middle eastern part of Equestria came through Ponyville with a Camel that he needed me to take care of...soo I fed and took care of the sweet little thing and he gave me his shisha pipe for doing such a great job...I thought since it's a special occasion..why not?" Fluttershy giggled softly as she began do light the coal.

"Awesome! It even has 4...tube things..." Rainbow sat up in the couch with a smile on her face as fluttershy covered the weed with some tin foil on the table and gave her, Rainbow and Angel a mouth piece each. Rainbow quickly finished the joint and sat back on the couch. Fluttershy took the first hit, as she inhaled her eyes widened and she coughed the smoke out before laying back on the couch, her eyes instantly slinted and a deep shade of red

"Raaaiiiiinnnnnboooooooww....This..This...This...is inter-dimensional mann...it's like...I understand nature....I understand nature man....I speak it's language....wow..." Fluttershy then sat up and looked down at Angel, smiling warmly as he took his hit cleanly,looking up at her he exhaled the smoke into her face before curling up in her lap and falling asleep with a smile on his face. Fluttershy just dawww'd at this and laid back, putting her hindhoves onto the table and continuing to puff on the hookah.

Rainbow giggled at the other two opposite her and took a much larger hit than both of them, determined to show that she could handle her shit better than Fluttershy. As the water boubled for around 20 seconds Dash inhaled all the smoke quickly and felt her body become numb. She exhaled the smoke and melted into the couch, slowly slipping onto the floor of Fluttershy's living room.

".wha...wha...why am I...here..on this ground of...your house...floor..." Fluttershy looked down at Rainbow Dash and let a few giggles escape her as Rainbow also began giggling at her but Fluttershy with Angel in her hooves decided she wanted to go outside suddenly and very, very, very slowly got up out of the couch and proceeded to walk out the door.

"Rainboooww...lets go enjoy the world...nature and it's ultimate beautiful exterior beauty..." Holding Angel in one hoof she began to help Rainbow off the floor who was still giggling profusely. Holding Rainbow's hoof she put Angel on her back and slowly opened the door.

Celestia's bright sun shone through the door as both Fluttershy and Rainbow smiled at each other as they walked down the path from Fluttershy's cottage giggling at each other as they walked toward Ponyville, Angel still sleeping soundly on Fluttershy's back

After walking for a good 20 minutes both mares finally arrived at ponyville, they stopped in the square and looked at each other, both of they're eyes dragon red and very slinted.

"Hey Flutters...I'm reaally hungry..." Fluttershy nodded slowly at Rainbow Dash as she felt her own stomach grumble. Quickly she looked behind to Angel who was still on her back, half awake.

"Angel hunny...Are you hungry?..." Angel slowly nodded while laying down, eyes half open, half closed. "Okay then...but we're broke...what do you do?..." Fluttershy soon became anxious, her eyes darting around..'Oh no' she had just realised there were ponies all around her and she was as high as Rainbow Dash could fly...She was gonna get caught she knew it, she began to shake and get nervous, her hooves became sweaty, it was happening again.

"Flutters!" Fluttershy came back to reality as she looked towards Rainbow Dash who wore a worried look. "Are you okay?...You seem...like..Nervous or some shit..." Fluttershy quickly shook her head as she stood in the middle of Ponyville debating how they were going to get some munch. The smile reappearing on her face as she quckly forgot all of her worries.

"Urm...I don't know...we don't have any bits..." She said this quietly as she stood staring at Rainbow Dash, a frown slowly starting to form on her face as her lips quivered "Dash...I'm hungry...Really hungry..." Angel who was on Fluttershy's back nodded, putting on his best puppy dog eyes. Dash couldn't bear to look much longer.

"Okay guys! Don't worry. THE AWESOME RAINBOW DASH WILL BE AWESOME AND SAVE THE AWESOME!" Fluttershy cowered a little at her speech before smiling dumbly at her and nodding, following her to Sugarcube Corner. "TO SUGARCUBE CORNER AWAY!" Rainbow Dash started galloping to Sugarcube Corner before quickly slowing down to barely a walk as she lead the way towards the bakery as Fluttershy followed, swaying a little as Angel held onto her mane trying not to fall off a smile on his face like he was on a carnival ride.

She looked back and smiled at Angel, her eyes barely open and breath smelling of herbal essence "I'm sorry Angel...I'm having trouble keeping my balance...even though I don't have any I'm somehow keeping it....hmmm...." Fluttershy stood in the middle of the street for a moment, ponies staring at her as she walked past.

Dash looked back and noticed Fluttershy in this state and hovered over to her, grabbing her by the hoof and dragging her to Sugarcube Corner, giggling at Fluttershy the whole time.