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Clarissa Aresmith had a very mixed bag of media she enjoyed. She was a nerd for Nintendo, a firearms expert, and even a fan of cartoons, especially MLP (though she didn't like to admit it). Another thing she had always been a fan of was scary supernatural creatures, but none caught her eye more than zombies. The way that they could just turn the world to ruin and chaos absolutely terrified her. And she loved it. But the moment that the news displayed armies waging war against the undead, she knew she had to act out a plan right away. Surely her horrid father wouldn't mind. Hell, he probably wouldn't even notice. But taking to the streets right away may not have been such a good idea. Already zombies are flooding the streets. And now that another nuisance has been thrown at her, Clarissa must face new challenges she never even thought she would have to face.
Rated teen for mild cussing and gore scenes
I haven't chosen an official title yet. If you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comments.
Still looking for an editor/proofreader! FiMmail me to apply.

Chapters (2)
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not to bother you much but isn't fimfiction for pony related stories? :unsuresweetie: Anyways... I think that this is turning out awesome! nice work! :derpytongue2:

too late to be that editor? ha-ha I'm just joking. but I did see some funky wording... "but now the hedges had grown over the front fence and the lawn had grown so much" I think you might be able to fix the end of this sentence right? idk do whatever you like. :twilightblush:

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