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Just An Update #5: ...Hi. · 1:48am Feb 18th, 2014

So, once the new year passed, on of my resolutions was to be more active with my hobbies.

So here I am now, 48 days later!
Sorry about that.
So, anyway, I'm back! And, well, I've been having quite a few good ideas for stories, so expect more stuff from me soon!

~~~Keragon Sharp

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Just An Update #4: Insanity's Pawn is Now Out! · 6:28am Dec 21st, 2013

So my new story that I have been studying and working on for a month (and told you little to nothing about) has now been released! I'd be really happy if someone volunteered to be an editor or draw me a story picture. I've already got an idea for the cover art, so I would be very thankful for it! And, of course, if you can't supply either of these, then a view and constructive criticism is most appreciated!

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Q&A/ AMA · 10:33pm Oct 28th, 2013

So, it's basic. Ask me whatever the heck you want, as long as it's not really inappropriate. Go, go ahead. Ask whatever, whether it be story requests or questions about my favorite movie, I'l be happy to answer. I'm not kidding when I say this will be up forever.

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Just An Update #3: Information On My New Story · 4:08am Oct 22nd, 2013

So, you may have heard, but I'm working on a new story. I'll just put up some information, as it will most likely be a week or month or so until it's officially up. So, on with the info!
Genre Tags: Sad, Dark, Adventure, Human
Character Tags (in order of importance): OC, Discord, Other
Rating: Teen for Gore and mild cussing
Setting: Somewhere in Southern California (not sure where yet)

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Just A BIG Update · 3:22am Sep 10th, 2013

Well, I've got some 'splainin' to do.

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Just An Update #2 · 10:47pm Aug 9th, 2013

Hello everyone, I'm going to come out plain and simple here, I've fallen into a chasm of writer's block, which is preventing me from figuring out what to write next in Destiny's Call. If any other writers out there would like to assist me, I would be more than happy to share something on Google Docs. Secondly, I've decided to start editing stories for people! I think it would be a good opportunity to improve my grammar. The way I do it is I ask for the person's password and edit their story, or

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Just An Update #1 · 3:49am Jul 30th, 2013

Destiny's Call, I feel, is not getting updated enough. So from now on, I'm going to be straining for updates every Sunday. The only drawback about it is the chapters will be short. Not like they weren't before, but they might be a bit shorter. Also, I've decided to have everything in the story be up to date with the show as of the Season 3 finale(and pretend Equestria Girls doesn't exist), which means Twilight will be an alicorn. That's it for now, thanks for caring!

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