Insanity's Pawn

by Keragon Sharp

Prologue- Journal Entry #3

Dear Journal:
This is the third week of the apocalypse. I'm actually surprised I've lasted this long. Sure I'm nearly starving, and tired as hell, but I'm alive aren't I? I’m glad I found a calendar in my recent scavenging. Now I can keep track of the days. Last I remember, it was March 20th. I’m also glad I found this new notebook. My old one had a lot of torn out pages and was really ratty. But if I’m going to be recording my thoughts, I should really talk about what’s gone on in the past week.
I've been searching through a few houses a block away, and luckily I've found food and water that should last me a month if I'm careful. I even found 4 packs of ammo for my pistol, and some old magazines! I really like reading old magazines; it reminded of the way things once were before... well, before this nightmare. But I've noticed that there seems to be more and more stragglers wandering into the town. They must be being pushed this way by something, but hell if I know what.
I guess if I'm going to be recording my thoughts, I should actually be talking about my feelings. I dunno, I'm feeling neutral. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm actually really lonely. There's no one around, no one to talk to. I've seen a few scavengers pass through, but they either got caught by stragglers, or they looked pretty mean and selfish. i wonder if a group will ever come through that I'll join. Ha, I doubt it.
I think that this is a good place to stop. I've gone over pretty much everything of the past week.

Clarissa Aresmith

PS: I wonder if I should keep indenting new paragraphs and signing my name in really big letters.. It takes up a lot more space.