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Sky, earth, and in between / Come watch with me as our world burns


Rarity has a headache. This will not do; Sweetie Belle has an audition for the school musical today, and she really wants her big sister to watch. Zecora could make a cure, but she's all out of the necessary tree bark.

Obviously, Sweetie Belle must journey deep into the Everfree Forest to fetch said bark. Will she prevail, or will she accidentally trip into poison joke?

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She must be in quite a leafy predicament.


Really? You're gonna go with the tree puns? That stuff is just low-hanging fruit.

You're barking up the wrong tree, man.

Hey i'm about to read though this and do a review of it if you would like to see what i think heres a link

lol I forgot to spell check it and I made an "embarassing" mistake or two

Ah, well. All is fixed. ("Embarrassed" is spelled with two 'r's, waterpear!)


Thanks for the review, man. You even pointed out a plothole, good for you!

My heart is so warmed. I could easily see this as an episode! Oooh I'm gonna have to read all your stories now, aren't I. :pinkiehappy:

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