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A young man in rural Kansas faces his greatest challenge yet, a tornado that wipes his home off the map. What's even more shocking is what he finds among the wreckage. Can he, and a certain pony friend, find a way to rebuild and get the pony back home?

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Overall, I enjoyed the story, and would like to see a continuation of it. You do have a few spelling mistakes and capital letters out of place, but it's no big deal really. I have added your story to my faves list and have up-voted it too, as I feel that you deserve it. Again, well done on a good story, and good luck with writing in the future!

Thank you! This is my first really long story, and I'm excited to finally be able to share it! I already have ideas for future stories, hopefully it will be as good, or better than this one! :pinkiehappy:

oh my god Wizard of Oz


I hope you enjoyed the Wizard of Oz spin!

I enjoyed it a lot! :] As a real fan of Rainbow Dash, uhh....Ya, I think you nailed her. ^_~

Wish I could give a more critical review, but no time :(

We need a Billy goes to equestria fic.

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