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Maybe I am good, Maybe I am not. All that matter is that my stories are there and people read them as they wish.


Justin, a guy from Indiana, is throwing himself a birthday party in an attempt to cheer himself up. After this bad day, what he wants might be something he needs for his own sake. And it might just end up being the best birthday yet.

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i love it and when will more chapters of this story come out

3053918 I guess when i get my ass off of Mass Effect and really start to work on it. Glad you enjoy it though!

i'm gonna take you up on that offer for the next story :heart::derpytongue2:

I'd love to see more stories featuring Justin.
Also, it seems he managed to return...
*engage sunglasses*
Justin time.

4125760 Oh don't worry. I'm sure I got some things in mind for Justin.

"Aliens that decided to invade Earth by starting with a simple house? No... no. A madman with a blue box? Pffft... yeah right, like he'll be here. Burglars most likely." Scurrying could be heard on the other side now, the voices piping up then coming to a silence.

Don't know why but this got me thinking: How would you react if you wake up in the middle of the night got to your living room and there's some guy you've never seen sitting in your living room with a light on reading a story wearing reading glasses and when he see's you he acts like he's not doing anything wrong and just starts speaking to you like he's known you for months.
Also I think you meant scurrying not scurring. That sounds like someone slurring the word scaring. "Stop it, you're scurring me!"

5218205 Yeah, but at the time I was writing this story on a little mobile phone screen. Interesting thought though and thanks for pointing out that mistake!

"Yeah, I owe ya one Rares. Thanks for that card."

Talk about planning ahead

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