• Published 16th Aug 2013
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Birthday Surprises - Tower of 0

It's a young man's birthday and he's about to get a visit from some old friends that aren't what he was expecting.

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Where to Begin....

"Worst... birthday... EVER" A young man muttered to himself. "First my girlfriend breaks up with me, then my parents become 'busy' for the night, and now I don't have anyway of contacting my friends!" He continued with a slight haste, but ended with a sigh. "Atleast I can count on you to calm me in a way, LittleBigPlanet."

The light hum of his console filled the room as he occupied the couch not too far away. His day started off as it would, normal. School was fine up until lunch rolled around. Of course, her parents' request didn't make him too happy since he was kind of expecting it from them. His mood fared no better, but chose an appropriate game for it. His 'library', as he liked to call his collection of games, consisted of many titles, some of which he played when he felt a certain way or if he was bored. As for now, he wasn't in the mood for the destruction of vehicles that Twisted Metal offered, nor was he in the mood to take up arms as the great Commander Shepard. Not even his classics that were Ratchet & Clank or Sly Cooper would provide ailment. Right now, he only wanted to rely on his 'cute' (in some aspects) game that was LittleBigPlanet 2. Another sigh left his lips, happy this time. His eyes gazed upon his sackperson's pod.

"Time to get started then." The words came out as a murmur under his breath.

It wasn't until several hours later he let out a yawn, the sun now setting, and the level coming to a close. Before he could reach the gate, a flash appeared out of the corner of his eye. Of course, he paid it no mind, until another flash caught his attention, this one was a lot brighter.

The couch was positioned to an angled where anyone sitting on the end could see down the hallway. His eyes were now fixed on the darkened hallway. Noises were now emanating from behind a door. His door. Someone, something, someplace, might have just found its way into his room.

He slowly rose from the couch and walked his way into the hall. Not wanting to alert who, or what, had found their way into his room, refused to turn on the hall light. "Aliens that decided to invade Earth by starting with a simple house? No... no. A madman with a blue box? Pffft... yeah right, like he'll be here. Burglars most likely." Scurrying could be heard on the other side now, the voices piping up then coming to a silence.

The door flew open and the light flicked on in a matter of seconds. The room looked as it was when he left this morning. Bed a slight mess, desk in its usual spot, and the floor as its usual, skidded, self. "Wait? Skidded? My floor isn't skidded.." His eyes narrowed and took a step further into his room.

"Come on out, I know your here..." His voice was heard from within the cracked closet door nearby.

"Justin!" A female voice called out out and the sound of beating feathers could be heard before the lad is question was tackled to the ground by a grey form. "I haven't seen you in forever!"

"Sheesh, Derpy, it's only been, like, what, four months?" Justin chuckled as he enveloped the pegasus in a hug, his laughter dies down and his eyes narrowed at the filly "But how did you even get here?"

Justin's mind drifted off to his memories of Equestria. He wasn't what his world called a brony at the time, but he made sure to check out the show. Not important for the matter. When he first arrived, the only pony to greet Justin was, in fact, Derpy. Sure, he was a little confuse as to why she wasn't the only pony running from him, but then he came to understand that she grew up being different. With her eyes off balance most of the time and her flight was a little less than average, but Derpy made do with what she had, and Justin appreciated that about her. As time flew past the month mark, he came to know Vinyl and Twilight. Twilight was the one who sent him back to Earth, but Justin had an awesome time partying with Vinyl when he didn't feel like sleeping at all.

Derpy just shrugged but continued to sit on Justin's chest. "Four months is kinda like forever!"

"You're question might be one for a unicorn dude." A secondary female voice came from the same closet. The fur white as snow, blue hair that might glow under certain lighting, and last but not least, dark shades that covered her eyes, "Such as myself."

"Vinyl!" Justin carefully put Derpy off to the side and got to his feet, a smile returning to his face. "Long time no see, eh?"

As the human approached the unicorn, both engaged in a funky little handshake they made up when they got to know eachother. A brohoof high, a brohoof low, Vinyl jumped up and somehow smacked Justin's hand all four times with her hooves in a single spin before finishing off with him snapping and pointing at the filly.

"So, how did you guys get here exactly?" Justin couldn't help but ask Vinyl.

"Simple, she sent you back here four months ago. I'd have to say, this isn't exactly what I'd call a geat pad." Vinyle continued on.

"Of course..." Justing mentally facepalmed, "... Twilight Sparkle."

"Princess Twilight Sparkle now" Derpy corrected.

"Okay, one, this is my bedroom, not a full home, and two, Princess?" Justin just looked at Derpy with confusion.

"Yeah.. Twilight became Princess about... hmmmm... two months ago maybe? It was pretty sweet to watch the coronation." Vinyl smiled up at him before nudging his leg. "So, are ya goin to show us around or what?"

"Uhm... yes... did you two even think about Twilight being able to bring you two back?"

"Nope!" Both said in a cheery unison tone.

"Great..." Just brought a palm to his face, shaking his head. "You two are technically stranded here for... who knows how long."

"Atleast we're stranded with you." Derpy said, jumping up onto the bed, occupying the foot.

In a sense, that was true, and Justin didn't want to question that.

Author's Note:

Okay, I know I said this was supposed to come 1 or 2 days ago (Depending on the time you're currently reading this), which was supposed to be released on my birthday from the 14th. But some people decided it would be awesome to take me to see my older brother and my neice where we basically spent the rest of the night hanging around town. So, here it is, ready for your viewing pleasure and I was going to intend this to be a one-shot, but decided against it for my own sake. Probably wasn't the best idea. Anyway, tell me what you guys think in the comments below!

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