• Published 16th Aug 2013
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Birthday Surprises - Tower of 0

It's a young man's birthday and he's about to get a visit from some old friends that aren't what he was expecting.

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Through the Woods....

"Gah!" Justin inhale loudly before pushing his top half up off the ground. He did a quick inspection of the campsite to find all ponies and human accounted for. Although, he did find himself caked in melted Marshmallow goop with a peaceful, sleep, Derpy on his legs. That was a sight that brought a smile to his face. His eyes wandered over to the tent, where he assumed Vinyl was sleeping.

"Psst!" Justin tried his best not to wake Derpy, "Scratch, you awake?"

No response.

"Dammit Vinyl" Justin cursed under his breath.

He gently lifted the sleeping pegasus from his legs and placed her of the grass. The marshmallow might have been dried, but it was hurting like a bitch when he was moving. He guessed the only thing that he was glad for is that his pants were still on and they weren't covered in the white goo that used to be a soft treat. Justin made a sort of crawl towards the tent and felt around for the unicorn he thought was inside, but could feel a solid form. The human tore away the covers to find just a pile of pillows in the center.

"Oh shit..." Justin muttered to himself. "Derpy! Wake up, we got a problem!"

"Whaa?" Derpy asked sleepily, stretching from her spot before ever realizing that she was moved from her preferred bedding.

"We got a problem I said, Vinyl's gone." Justin turned back towards the outside of the tent for any signs of where the mare might have run off to.

Justin knew from some experience that Vinyl had a tendency to sleep walk after shows, parties, or a really exciting night. Normally, clues would be left behind as to where and when the sleep-walker usually ran off to. This though, there was a likelihood that the clues were not even present at the time, maybe some pressed grass.

"Of course!" Justin finally realized, his thoughts now collecting, "The grass should still be wet which means that any hooves that just so happened to have been walking some time last night/early morning."

Derpy watched as the human quickly got to observing the ground. Her head was tilted as she wondered just what in the hay he was up to. Her eyes, or eye, which ever one decided to focus in on Justin, watched as he stared at the grass and walked. His first destination was where he was sleeping and she had decided to sleep on his legs. Derpy's ears perked up slightly ans she yawned, just barely catching the loud 'hmmmm' from Justin before he returned to the tent. The grey pegasus kept watching as he walked away from the tent for a second time, following a seeming longer trail away from the tent and to the edge of the woods. With a snap of his fingers and a dash back to the site, Justin was quick to grab his shirt and throw it on despite the fact that he was sticky.

"C'mon Derpy! I think I might know where Vinyl went!" Justin exclaimed with a wide smile as he scooped up the pegasus in his arms and ran.

Leaves were crunching beneath shoes, the sound of wings flapping every so often, and the duo weaving to a for out of the way of incoming branches, shrubs, and other so items that happen to be in the way. For once, Derpy was actually having a hard time keeping up with the human. She usually didn't have any trouble keeping up with Vinyl or any other of her friends, but for a creature that walked on tow legs, he was FAST!

"So, where are we heading again?" Derpy asked, not even sure if he even mentioned their intended way.

"I think, think, Vinyl might have went to a creek not far from here. If she has any sense of direction, probably went out sometime this morning." Justin to a quick glance past the tree tops, "It's roughly afternoon right now."

"What makes you think that she'd still be there?"

"If I'm right from my experience in Equestria with her, she takes some long-ass showers." Justin took a moment to pause from the running. "1 to 2 hours at minimum..."

Derpy was heaving, her stamina quickly drained from trying to keep up with Justin. He was fast, probably more than he seemed. She noticed that he started to chuckle softly to himself, her head tilted as she sat on the ground.

"What's so funny?"

"What I find funny is that I can run fast, but I don't work out enough for it." Justin continued to chuckle to himself, "I get asked if I run track. I don't even like sports! I just sit around and play mindless video games."

Derpy heard him sigh, "What have I done with my life?"

"What do ya mean?"

"I mean what have I done in the world? Sit around, eat, sleep, work, and play? Well, maybe not any big work, chores mostly. The only, only highlight I know is appearing in Equestria those four months ago..."

Approximately four months and six days ago...

Spring, a wonderful season of change, much like Fall, it signals that most of the animals in the world awaken from the hibernation states. Leaves from fall cover parks, yards, and some roads, in the process of getting raked up and thrown out if not compacted into the ground by the snow. Justin was walking down a street after school, or somewhere of that sort. He didn't have a care in the world at the moment nor would he have paid any mind to outside noises due to his headphones blaring some of his favorite music, which could be anyone's guess seems as how he doesn't talk to anyone, barely.

He had on his favorite shoes and was perfectly content with minding his own, always had been since he was young. Today, he was feeling a bit adventurous and decided to take a turn down an alley, Good thing he didn't live to too big of a down with not too many shady characters.

The trek proved to not be troublesome, something he sort of liked. Justin closed his eyes for a few moments as his songs took a quick silence, some other sound caught his hearing instead. With some blinded fumbling, he silenced his music and kept walking on. Crunch crunch crunch Odd, he could've sworn that he was walking on pavement. Justin removed his headphones for more clarity in the sound. Crunch crunch crunch He looked down and opened his eyes and saw grass beneath his feet. What was even stranger to him is that he wasn't even in a wide open plain, nor did he look so... cartoony?

Justin looked at his hands, shirt, pants, and shoes. Sure enough, he felt like he was put in some sort of twisted joke by nature. He turned around to go back where he came, but the alley he was in wasn't there anymore. He filled his lungs with a long, deep, much need breath... and screamed.

Some birds in the distance flew away from trees from what looked like a cheap rendition of woods. He could and did silence his school's cafeteria once or twice by shouting random things during lunch, never expected to rustle the jimmies of birds. Justin's scream came to a close after a few moments, and failed to notice the figure standing behind him with wide eyes and pin-prick pupils staring at him.

Present Day

"Yeah, I remember that day, I wondered what made that screech."

"IT wasn't a screech, it was me projecting my disapproval with my vocals." Justin corrected the mare.

"In other words, a screech." Derpy pointed out smugly.

"Fine, you win. One does not simply win against the adorableness that is Miss Derpy Hooves." Justin threw his hands up in defeat.

Derpy just got a pink, no, light pink hue in her cheeks. 'Adorable' wasn't a word most ponies described her as. Then again, Justin was a human, a human from a culture, a culture that was- what was she going on about again? Oh yes, muffins. Oh, and Justin wouldn't count as 'most ponies' anyway.

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