• Published 16th Aug 2013
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Birthday Surprises - Tower of 0

It's a young man's birthday and he's about to get a visit from some old friends that aren't what he was expecting.

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Turning those Tables

It was about time Justin finally settled back in, although Twilight was still acting a bit sour towards him. The last time he was here, in Equestria, specifically Ponyville, she was nice, humble, even interested in learning about humans. But this wasn't like her, unless it may have been that time of year maybe? No, it was summer, there was that possibility though.

Justin was busy occupying the exact bench he sat on when that group of foals wanted to ask him about his species four months ago, not that it would matter now. Was kinda cute though, youth being curious. All he wanted to worry about was how comfortable his shirts fit along with his jeans, and his new red trainers! They fit so well they were like some sort of oxfords or loafers! Amazing!

"You don't do much as a human, do ya?" A familiar voice entered his ears.

"No, although, I might end up running down the street in a non-normal fashion. Bring a few smiles here and there." Justin replied, his eyes opening and falling upon Vinyl.

"Kinda like Pinkie Pie, huh?" Vinyl took up a seat next to him.

"Natural stress reliever never hurt anybody."

"No, I suppose not."

"So, how can I help the spectacular Scratch today?"

"Whoa whoa whoa... who said I needed your help?"

"Never know, figured I'd hang out with you for a few days since I was already chillin' with Derpy not too long ago."

"OH really, and how did that go?"

"A well-mannered individual like myself doesn't kiss and tell."

"Well, that's an overly explained way of calling yourself a gentlecolt. Wait, kiss and tell? You didn't, did you..."

"I ain't speakin a word of it."

"Aww. Justin n' Derpy sittin in a tree. K-i-"

"Knock it off before I knock you off."

"You wouldn't hit a girl, would you?"

"Quite the show, but no, I'll push you off this bench though."

"Then maybe you'd like to show me what you and Derpy did?"

"Oh hardy har har, I'll think about it though."



"Annnnnywaaaay." Vinyl started, prying herself from the bench, "I was thinking about dragging you along with me to a club."

"Ohh, and just when I got myself on a nonchalant sleep schedule." Justin gave a fake pout, earning a scoff from the unicorn.

"You're coming with me, whether you like it or not." Vinyl stamped a hoof to the ground.

"Yeah, right, like I'll not want to spend time with the Spectacular Scratch and her Moving Music." Justin rolled his eyes a stood up from the bench.

"It's not like I'm that famous.." Vinyl looked away, a hint of pink on her face.

"Not yet." Justin pointed out before flicking her nose. "Tag, you're it." He then took off, flailing his arms in the air like a mad man, or like the one he was.

"You're so on!" Vinyl declared, galloping after the human.

Later that night...

The night had just begun, Vinyl and Justin were walking down one of the paths. Vinyl had taken the lead to 'escort', for lack of a better word, as they made way to the club Vinyl wanted to take him to. Justin wasn't too far behind, not that he didn't mind, he just was to make sure he didn't lose sight of Vinyl, even after that whole whirlpool-portal-thing fiasco.

"So... how much farther til we get there Scratch?" Justin asked

"Shouldn't be too far off dude. Keep following!" Vinyl called back.

"As if I have any doubts about you." Justin mumbled under his own breathe.

"What was that?"


As Vinyl promised, the duo of man and pony made it their, or hers, promised land. Of course, due to the weekend, there were a considerable amount of ponies out late, most of which seemed to be strolling through the streets, standing in line, or other such activities of a night owl. As for the two we're supposed to focus on, it was a recently opened nightclub that Vinyl may or may not have been going to before the visit to the human world. Being back here, on this street, outside this new club, reminded Justin of the first time he met Vinyl.

Some time ago...

Derpy had drug Justin out for a night out of the house. Him not being a usual night owl like most of the ponies in this club were, he debated whether to to stay in the booth he curled up in for the past hour or go sit at the bar. Maybe the bar wasn't the best option considering he wasn't too big on drinking. The dance floor? Nah, seemed too crowded for his taste. With a soft groan, he slunk lower into his seat. His eyes just above the table as he looked on towards the crowd, catching a glimpse of Derpy here and there.

"Hey dude, why aren't you out there enjoying yourself?" A voice asked to him nearby.

"If you haven't noticed," Justin slid back up, in plain view, "But I stick out like a sore thumb around here."

"That didn't seem like a problem to ya before."

Justin just looked to the unintended guest, by the looks of this unicorn, she looked like a regular.

"Yo! Dreamboat McSpecial!" Vinyl teased, snapping Justin out of his daze.

"Huh? What'd I miss?"

"The door." Vinyl replied with a smirk. "C'mon, time to show you a better night than the last time you were here!"

Although the outside of the building wasn't all too impressive, the inside of the club spoke for itself. The lighting seemed to be fitted with blacklights, making everything seem to glow, Vinyl especially. Some ponies in the center of the floor seemed to have some face paint on, along with glowsticks on strings in some of their mouths. A smell filled his nostrils, momentarily throwing him off until a nudge caught his attention.

"So, whaddya wanna do first? Get a few drinks in? Get your groove on?" Vinyl asked, rubbing her hooves together.

"I'd like to find a seat first, preferably a booth somewhere." Justin simply replied, scanning along the walls for an empty area.

"Oh no you don't. You're not hiding in some corner like last time!" Vinyl declared, stepping behind him and pushing him towards the dancing ponies.

"Oh great..." Justin muttered.

Vinyl just kept pushing, the part of the crowd that the two were facing split to make way for the unicorn and the human. With a final shove from Vinyl, Justin ended up in the center of the floor, all eyes on him. He just stood there, unsure of what he was to do. A nervous smile plastered on his face, a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead, eyes shifted. Two ponies gladly gave up their glowsticks and tossed them towards the human. Justin caught them both and looked at them for a moment before separating them to each hand. He wrapped them around their respective hand and clenched tightly. He shut his eyes, and took a deep breath, judging by the way the song was heading, an intense section was about to come up. Justin counted down in his head, starting at five.

"5.... 4.... 3... 2... 1...."

And so it begins.

It was, by what he thought, atleast early morning. Celestia's sun had yet to rise, but telling by how late they stayed in the club, it might be around 4 in the morning. Vinyl fell asleep fast on his back, wasn't too heavy thank goodness. Justin might've thought she fell asleep sometime after the two left. She asked to be carried, so how could he say no?

Vinyl did shuffle some in her sleep, nothing big that made him feel uncomfortable.

"What am I going to do with you?" Justin spoke to himself aloud. "I already have Derpy into me, along with Scratch. How would this even work out?"

Justin walked a bit in silence, Vinyl shuffled some more, bringing him to cradle the unicorn in his arms.

"Maybe... I don't know. I'll come up with something if they don't know what to do." Justin continued his out loud thoughts. Trudging down the street towards Derpy's place.

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