• Published 16th Aug 2013
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Birthday Surprises - Tower of 0

It's a young man's birthday and he's about to get a visit from some old friends that aren't what he was expecting.

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A Man and His Decisions

Justin awoke the next morning in large stretch and a glorious yawn. His eyes blinked themselves open to the sun light shining its way into the room, draping a second form on the bed. Last night he came to a decision, one of which he found glad that the spikey-maned unicorn sleeping in the same bed. He smiled a bit, admiring only one of two before him. He did a lot of thinking last night and came to a conclusion; why should he mope around on a ruined relationship when there are two mares waiting patiently for him, gladly awaiting either his offer or to make theirs.

His hand fell upon her cheek, feeling the soft, warm fur that covered it. He couldn't help but scoot Vinyl a bit closer to him. She stirred a bit before settling again. So peaceful, yet beautiful. Any other questionable thought got thrown out the window, now was a time for acceptance.

He's accepting the fact that he has two great mares there for him, ready to be with him. Now though, now he wondered if he had to choose between Derpy or Vinyl. A hard decision, and one he couldn't avoid if he tried. Who would he choose if not both? He'd have to ask either one of them sometime. Today, maybe? Yeah, but for now, he was content with cuddling up to Vinyl for the time being.

"The glory of being me..." Justin thought to himself.

Vinyl yawned the blinked herself awake, her eyes falling into focus on the face that that seemed to stare back. With a smile, she pushed the human out of the bed before pouncing upon him in a fit of giggles. Vinyl proceeded to sit up on his stomach, a wide grin was on her face.

"Dude, you were amazing last night!" Vinyl exclaimed, just barely containing her joy.

"I'm surprised, I didn't think you had too much to even remember." Justin teased.

"Oh shut up. Where did you even learn to dance like you did?" Vinyl was practically bouncing away.

"I guess it just came natural to me. You just never know." Justin shrugged and sat up a bit, his face eye-level to the mare.

"Why do I feel that's a bunch of bull?" Vinyl raised a brow.

"And why do I feel that somepony just may be earning themselves the heart of a certain human?" Justin smirked.

"What are you getting at?" Vinyl mused.

"Well, let's just say that I did a lot of thinking earlier and came to a conclusion." Justin's eyes seem to shift away for a moment, before looking back at Vinyl. "Why should I keep you girls waiting on me?"

"So... you're.." Vinyl was having some trouble trying to figure out what he said. Why is he so cryptic!?

"I'm not leaving you nor Derpy. You two mean more to me than I should have realised earlier. So I made a decision to say 'why not' and see where a three-way could go." Justin explained with a smile.

Vinyl took a moment to register what he had just said. Then the lightbulb went off. With a small squeal, she quickly latched herself to Justin's torso, pushing her muzzle against his face in a kiss. Justin accepted the kiss graciously, returning the favor. Vinyl eventually broke the kiss and stare into his dark eyes.

Vinyl and Justin actually did spend of of the day acting like the friends they were before, to the unobservant anyway. If one were to fully look at the couple, they'd see that Vinyl was closer than she ever would be to the human, whether it be standing, walking, or sitting. Laying, it was a dead giveaway. Vinyl would just simply lay ontop of him, no questions asked, no cares to give, and certainly not to be torn away. Well, Derpy got this much time to ogle over Justin too, but she was still at work, so, to break the good new, Justin decided on the favorite of his dishes and probably the most cliche'd of them all, pasta! A rather simple recipe of spaghetti noodles with some tomato sauce, he'd just have to do without those delectable meatballs for this time around. Justin could make that exception.

Vinyl stood nearby, watching his steady hand movements. "You seem pretty good with those hands of yours."

"I guess I am." Justin replied with a bit of his tongue hanging out in concentration.

"Maybe you could show me just how good you are with them." Vinyl asked coyly.

"Sure." Justin said, now totally out of it.

Vinyl did a small hoofpump before scampering out. Justin was busy stirring the pasta sauce as the noodles boiled. His mind was elsewhere. The way the sauce seemed to shift, like something. Something that was familiar, like a place. A nice, warm, sunny place. Then it hit him.

"I want to go to the beach." Justin stated to noone in particular but himself.

"What was that?" Vinyl asked from the other room.


A few good minutes passed, well, half and hour at most, but everything was finally set. The table was covered, candles for a nice setting, what was considered silverwear, plates, and not to forget the pasta! Mouthwatering spaghetti made by a human, well, Justin considered it mouthwatering. In perfect timing too, Derpy had just come home!

"Evening Derpy." Vinyl greeted from the couch.

Derpy just gave a slight nod.

Justin stopped what he was doing as his left eye twitched. "I sense that Derpy is sad." Justin quickly left the table, skidded around a corner, and slid on his knees. He enveloped the grey mare in a tight, comforting, loving hug. "Now what is wrong with my little Derps?"

She looked up at Justin before wrapping around him tightly. "I just got stopped by Princess Twilight.."


"She told me to send you to the library, I know she's gonna send you back, I just know it." Derpy sniffed.

Justin's smile faded as he gently let go of the grey pegasus in his arms and slowly stood. Vinyl gave him a curious look. His face didn't look terrified, but, rather a face of determination. Justin stepped around Derpy and continued for the door, his ears picked up Vinyl's voice.

"Where are you going?" Vinyl asked.

"To go talk to Twilight, what terrible timing she has." Justin simply said, leaning down to get out the door.

The two mare just looked at the wide open door.

"You can't do this!" Justin yelled, his glare directed toward the Twilicorn in front of him.

"To Tartarus I can't! You don't belong here!" Twilight argued back.

"I may not belong here, but I sure as hell fit in around here!" Justin shot back.

They had been atleast arguing for over an hour now. That both were standing in the middle of the room, just the two of them, yelling.

"The portal I created will send you back to the exact point in time to arrived! I suggest you go willing before I force you in!" Twilight stood as if she was about to charge at him.

Justin sighed, walking towards the portal in defeat. "Fien, but I will return. Whether you like it or not."

"You can't." Twilight scoffed, "You can't use magic, remember?"

"I always find a way..." Justin jumped in with final words. "You Bitch!"

Then he was gone, back to his world where he belonged.

Later that evening in the Carousel Boutique...

Rarity was sound asleep on her desk, a bit of droll coming from her mouth. A slight breeze started to rustle some of her papers, the sound waking her from her light slumber. With a sleepy look, she wandered over to a closed, but then remembered that all her windows were closed. So, then, where was the breeze coming from.

Her eyes widened in realisation. "It can't be..." She spoke softly

The breeze started to pick up speed and more papers, form a sort of paper tornado in the middle of her work room. The more the speed, the more the papers form a sort of solid tunnel. Light blue lightning started to shoot out from the paper-nado, a blue light building withing the funnel. It eventually got bright enough for her to cover her eyes, she couldn't possibly be blind making her dresses. In a sort of unintended explosion with no collateral damage to anything around it, the papers flew all over the place. In its wake, a kneeling form. It stood shortly enough, a bag on his back.

"You're back?" Rarity asked.

"Yeah, I owe ya one Rares. Thanks for that card." Justin smiled, quickly trudging over and placing a peck on her cheek. "Call me for that favor anytime."

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