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Seven ponies talents have been modified so they are more powerful than ever, which makes them a target for the new ruler of Equestria. The kingdom had been taken over and Celestia and Luna have vanished, while Cadence and Twilight are locked up in a dungeon. Join these ponies on an epic quest to save Equestria from doom.

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Oooooh I wonder what will happen next! :raritystarry:

i like where this is going:heart::twilightsmile:
may i give you some advice as a fellow writer?
could you describe it a bit more?
there are parts where i'm like,:unsuresweetie:
loving it though!:heart::ajsmug::rainbowkiss:

2933997 someone reads this...:twilightsheepish: i kinda stopped writing it...... i have started writing another.......:ajsmug: i could always start it again

so there will be another super naturals
whoo hoo!!!!!

2934580 maybe, i was gonna write another one, with the same sort of plot, but i needed two OC's, and no one commented on my blog, so yeah :twilightoops:

Visit my blog and maybe we could chat whats going to be on the next super naturals :rainbowdetermined2:

People mares ?:applejackunsure:
was there supposed to be a period?:pinkiehappy:

I DONT CARE IF YOU ARE ALL STARVING. IF YOU DONT HAVE MONEY TO BUY FOOD, TO BAD. im sorry, anyway. Half of you don't have jobs, yew you
yew... what is that?

2934589 by the way do you still need 2 more OCs??

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