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I'm a 19-year-old brony from a backwater welfare nation known as Finland. I study history at Oulu University.


Somewhere, far from the watchful eyes of the Princesses, stands a beautiful forest patch. It's surrounded by endless fields of grass, only a pair of infinite train tracks betraying the presence of ponies.

Here, two unicorns find themselves stranded, with no memory of how they arrived. To make matters worse, they are unable to use magic.

When will the next train pass, and where will it go?

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That was the most confusing, disorienting, and at times hard to follow story I've read in a long time . . . and I loved every word of it!

Sequel/continue . . . if that's okay with you.

Confusing as hell but still good.

Quite confusing, got a bit lost, but I really liked it for some reason.
You've got me incredibly curious where they really are, but I suppose half the fun is in the mystery:moustache:
Have a thumbs up.

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