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Sea Blaze

Originally born in Ponyville, absent for 15 years. Now coming back to visit my cousin Pinkie, I'm reunited with my childhood love, and the stories I submit are nothing but the way things happened.


In a perfect day, almost made for flying, Rainbow Dash positions her new, custom-made headset, and thrusts forward into the open sky. The music pumping in her veins, Rainbow discovers a new ability that she never thought a pegasus could posses.

Her new discovered ability, or more the process of finding it, once again brings the Elements of Harmony together, the Crack in the Sky triggering a reaction inside every pony of the Six Mane, bringing forth the improvement of the Elements.

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Quite... interesting. Have no idea what this is crossed over with/based on, or if its even original. But good job. A favorite and 4.5 stars!

206785 It's actually entirely original, and inspiration came whilst listening to "Turn it Up" by Sonic Syndicate. Not much of a cross over. Only my mind going nuts. XD:derpytongue2:

Everyone's minds go out of whack once in a while.:pinkiecrazy:

This interesting but is very random and easy to get lost you need to make better descriptions or make chapters longers

Well, I'm a random person in real life anyway, and it's hard to be different in my stories... that's why I was considering remaking a story of derpy.

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