• Published 10th Feb 2012
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Elements of Harmony - Turn it Up - Sea Blaze

In a burst of adrenaline Rainbow pulls another feat. What is the consequence? On her, and everypony?

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Crack in the Sky

- Sweet! This is gonna be one of the best. days. EVER! It's just in the air. And in my awesome headsets, but that's gonna go in the air.

Crack in the Sky

As told by a rarely sober Rainbow Dash, as written by a huge fan.

"Why the buck did I look so low?!" screamed Rainbow while dashing through a lonely cloud, causing it to break apart and dissolve in mid air.
"I could've gotten such a better price! But, dammit, weren't it worth the whole of the money I spent on those beauties!"
Dash took her eyes of the sky for a brief second, just to make sure the wire from her new headsets was still attached to her pPod. As expected from Scratch and Crimson inc. those nano stereos got the best of her ear, not showing one chance of falling off. Shooting her sights back on the sky she could see Cloudsdale up in the distance. *I just hope this day would've last longer. If not for that long bargain, that actually didn't got me anywhere <<buck that! I was so close, that price was just one hoof away, but fair Twilight had to come in!>>, I could've been way up from my current altitude, practicing. Well, tomorrow ain't a big day. Not yet, at least.* Rainbow finalized that thought with a huge grin on her face. A grin that showed an inner Dash, hungry for adrenaline, hungry for the thrills, hungry for life.

Her headphones wobbled a bit as she settled them easily on her table. She sat there, simply looking at them, admiring the artwork and craftmanship behind this masterpiece. There were two straps, one for the back of the head and one for the top, designed specially for the needs of a speeding pegasus. And not just any speeding pegasus. With a special joint made for attaching goggles, this headset was particularly designed for the pegasus who's rainbow adorned head would wear them.
Rainbow threw another thirsty look upon her "Sound Rainboom V2" after jumping full on her back on the couch right beside the table.

"Tomorrow, my beauties... you're gonna feel the Rainbow experience... I wonder, maybe I could try some new tricks... yeah, that would work... or maybe the triple spiral..."

And so Rainbow plunged deeper into dreaming until her eyes closed, and she touched the bottom of her mental well, now swimming along her fantasies.


"Ready... um... I mean... set... and... whenever you're ready...-"


"GO!" screamed Fluttershy, visibly frustrated.

*BOOM* sounded the air around her as Rainbow Dash took off in a majestic Rainbow Circlet. Just 10 seconds after taking off she was in the sky, spinning at such a violent rate that the air around her started twirling. About 20 inches away from her controlled rotating body, a small barrier of wind started forming. As her spinning continued, and even accelerated, the colors of the rainbow mane and tail started to bend in with the surrounding vortex, Rainbow's body melting into an incredibly violent rotating bullet, now bright with the colors of the rainbow, smashing through the air.

-HOLD ON TO THE PEGASUS, PREPARE TO DIE! Tuuuurn on the ignition!- a metal song echoed in her ears, the rhythm blending in with her movements, her wings losing capacity to control her flight, but Rainbow was now unable to sense anything. She lost herself in the moment, in the sky. The wind was her, she was the light passing by her speeding body. She was all and one, and nothing could stop her.

Continuing her rotation she soon passed Cloudsdale, capacity of controlling her direction being lost, she now sped up towards the towers of Canterlot. Specifically Celestia's rooms.

"Hmm... interesting! I think this will make a good daybreak read. "Crack in The Sky - Myth or Reality?". Heh, never really did believe in this myself, but let's see what does the description say...

*_ When a pegasus gains such skill, rhythm in her beating wings, that the wind will allow the pony to blend in himself, and the colors of the flier will combine with those of the sky, then the pegasus will have reached the limit. If at this breaking point the named pony somehow makes it into rolling deep in an endless rotation, then the key to breaching the Crack in the Sky is to perform the notorious Sonic Rain- *CRASH*

Standing dumbstruck, eyes as wide as a plate's radius, Celestia slowly motioned her body into an 180 degrees turn, to behold the source of the sound. Or, at least what the source had left behind.

Right over the tip of the greatest bookshelf in the room, a perfect circle stood as a glassless window to the sky, whilst right over her bed there stood another hole, those two proving to be twins. The perfection of the circles made Celestia realize that whatever went through her room went at colossal speed, and had a perfect conical form.

"*Sigh...* And I was just about to go into such a good reading... well, all for the best. Guards!"


If any pony from Canterlot that, in that day, decided to head over to the outskirts of the city, they could've spotted, in the blink of an eye, a small, incredibly fast rainbow colored bullet sweeping right through princess Celestia's tower and head further into the wastelands just after the capital.

With her playlist at an end, Rainbow snapped out of it, and realized that even in this situation, her mind fully aware of what was happening, she didn't really had what to do about it. The spinning reaching such incredible speed, she didn't even see anything except for her own rainbow. Deciding to take a shot for it, she begged for a miracle as she started to try and take control of her direction, if not speed or rotation.

What happened next was to her and everyone else in Equestria's surprise.

As she was directing her trajectory to face the sky, the speed started gaining lower numbers, allowing her to take a peek at her surroundings. Recognizing the landscape, she tried, hardly not reaching her physical breaking point, to rearrange her flight course back to Ponyville. Whilst successful, during the extreme work she put into turning she barely held herself conscious, and reached a hand to her pPod. Pushing the play button, the music started pumping back in her veins, and she lost herself once again. Speeding up, she rose to as high as she could, still rotating. Then, at the peak...


Her wings cracked as she pulled them close to her body, and she plummeted at impossible speed down towards Equestria. In a matter of seconds a circular sound barrier formed in front of the speeding bullet. In just a few other seconds it flattened itself on the mass of rainbow light, thinning its trail behind. Then it hit!


A rose red crack broke open in the sky. With a deafening sound it expended forward, to cover all of Equestria, behind the first red line now lining up the rest of the rainbow. In it's wake every bit of blueness crashed out of the sky in the form of color rain, and dissolved in it's fall. The sky purely became a huge, circular rainbow, just before, at the same point were the barrier broke, a bright white sphere broke into reality, and started assimilating the colors spread over the sky.

Forming a vortex, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet started dying the small sphere. The sky stand white for a few seconds, then the tiny globe exploded in bleu-ciel, covering the sky back with it's original color.


Back in Ponyville Rainbow stood on a hospital bed, with the exclusive volume of Daring-Do in her hands. Her both wings bandaged this time, and a broken leg, her body looked rather miserable, but when looking in her eyes your whole soul would've turned upside down.

In those magenta eyes something had lit up. Something broke through, and transformed in Rainbow. In the place where the color of her iris would meet the cornea there was a fine line that broke into the seven colors of the rainbow. Dash was now no mere pegasus. She gained the great title of Color Reaper, and the first to ever Crack the Sky.

"But... how did she survive?... The crash. There's a ten meter crater in that damned place! She couldn't ever survive something like that. And how did she even create that big of a crater?"

"Twilight, just listen to me and simply take it in. She was chosen by the rainbow. She is no mere pegasus, no mere pony. She is a Color Reaper. She was born from Spectra, only Spectra can now take her to her judgement. And that is all I know for now... She is immortal." Celestia concluded with a serious look on her eyes. But there was something more in them... something that sparkled just the way... just the way fear poisoned eyes would.