• Published 10th Feb 2012
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Elements of Harmony - Turn it Up - Sea Blaze

In a burst of adrenaline Rainbow pulls another feat. What is the consequence? On her, and everypony?

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Ten Thousand Paws in the Air

As told by Druid Fluttershy the Spiritual

As written by a huge fan.

It was, as any other day on the side of the Everfree Forrest, a sunny and quiet day. Birds could be heard humming and singing everywhere, and small animals were running all over the place.

In the middle of the scene sat a peaceful Fluttershy. Enjoying the hum of her animals, she simply stood there, with a smile on her face. For her, this was the perfect way to spend a day. Sitting in the middle of your garden, listening to the sound of nature... but heck, I would love that too!

Still, as aerie a scene like this was, today wasn't really the simple, peaceful day in the Everfree Forrest. Today was the day the ten hundred tree tops in the forest were to bow, kneeling in front of the Crack's shockwave.

The moment Rainbow threw the legendary move, Fluttershy was just sitting up, preparing to head over in the forest for a meeting with Zecora, concerning a cure for the recent sickness Angel acquired, as well as going over to visit her pet animal, who was hospitalized in the zebra's shack. A moment after opening her wings, Fluttershy felt an air current bending her feathers, and before she even realized she was thrown back by the impact of the Crack, which took place far too close to Fluttershy's garden.

Recovering from the shock, the yellow pegasus rose to beckon a view the aftermath of Rainbow's stunt left. Her garden. Ruined. Animals, running all over the place, panicked.

She was paralyzed. She could feel it. If she would've stick her tongue out she would've as well taste it. The fear. The desperation. It was thick in the crimson lighted air around her, and it grew harder and harder to hold up, gaining pounds proportional to the speed the color of the sky changed. By the time the formerly blue dome regained its colors, Fluttershy broke.

Her eyes lighting up with a peculiar green shade, her wings grew and incredible opening diameter, her feathers spanning spikes at their tips. Growing larger and larger in size, the pegasus soon rose to the height of a half-adult Spike, and her wings were now wrapped around the Everfree Forest, and right before closing up, a desperate zebra was seen galloping out of the trees shade.

Watching over her forest, with a frown, Fluttershy howled


-For those of you wondering what "Deadworld's Spine" mountains are, they are the mountain range encircling Ponyville, and the Everfree Forest. About a month before Rainbow's crack, the animals from Deadworld's Spine started marching down, heading for the Everfree Forest, led by the one and only Gilda. At the edge of the forest, Fluttershy, The Mayor and Rainbow Dash stood in waiting, animals gathered behind them. Trying to reason with the griffin, the mythical animal only accepted a cease-fire treaty, a treaty spanning over the time of a month, for Fluttershy and the forest to prepare. Scared to her bones ever since then, Fluttershy grew a deep sense of paranoia, greater than before, so it's not a big surprise that she took the Crack as a sign of offensive from the enemy.-

The animals, rallied by Fluttershy's impulse, gathered outside of the forest, and marched forward onto Deadworld's Spine. With their paws, claws, hooves and sometimes fists, in the air, in the back of the army a legion of birds, with a chorus of parrot-baritones and tenors were singing, following the rhythm played by the enraged bears with their stomping feet.

"You will remember the night you were struck by the sight oooof... TEN THOUSAND PAWS IN THE AIR!"


Fluttershy grinned evil. She wasn't "shy" anymore. She was assertive. She was... powerful!

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This interesting but is very random and easy to get lost you need to make better descriptions or make chapters longers

Well, I'm a random person in real life anyway, and it's hard to be different in my stories... that's why I was considering remaking a story of derpy.

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