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Sea Blaze

Originally born in Ponyville, absent for 15 years. Now coming back to visit my cousin Pinkie, I'm reunited with my childhood love, and the stories I submit are nothing but the way things happened.


[Rainbow's Crack in the Sky - http://www.fimfiction.net/story/10350/Elements-of-Harmony---Turn-it-Up]

In a world of flowing magic, a perfect 10 on the scale measuring magical performance starts tapping into the stream of flowing magic. But what IS this river of magic? And why does it flow so fast inside Twilight?

Following the pattern of Rainbow's discovery of her hidden powers, Twilight, with help from Celestia's lies, and one... peculiar relative of the princess, the unicorn joins Rainbow Dash on the quest to take the power of the Elements up another notch.

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This seems to be the second chapter to a story I read earlier, I suggest re-uploading this story to the other one.

208962 Well, it kinda is, and I thought about that, but I wasn't entirely sure if it would fit. Well, in this case I think I'm off to adding it as a chapter. :twilightsmile:

Where did you get the picture?

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