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Sea Blaze

Originally born in Ponyville, absent for 15 years. Now coming back to visit my cousin Pinkie, I'm reunited with my childhood love, and the stories I submit are nothing but the way things happened.


In the wake of events triggered by the return of Nightmare Moon a sudden change in the Tidal Wave Control Facility working policy sends hundreds of workers back to their birth-places, as now they need less personnel, given the help provided by Luna moving the moon. One of their employees, Sea Blaze, returns to Ponyville after 15 years of absence. After a short visit to his cousin, Pinkie Pie, where he will stay from now on, at least until he finds a place worth living in, he takes off to set things straight with the skies of Ponyville. Whilst flying over the village, peaking down at his soon-to-be-neighbours, Sea Blaze crashes into none other than Derpy, who he later remembers as his only childhood friend, and the one he couldn't help but miss and love, all those years. What is going to happen now? Will Sea Blaze get along with Derpy after all this years of absence? And what's the real secret between the personnel firing over at the Tidal Wave Control facility after all?

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...I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going...
(God, I love that line :rainbowlaugh:)

(PS: FIRST!!!)

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