This story is a sequel to Failure, Eternally Retold, Part One: The Human Element

Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Akaitora and Nikolas continue to make their way across Equestria in search of the components that will save Nik's life, and all of Equestria in the process. From an active volcano to the bottom of a lake, they'll have to deal with all the challenges of cutting across the country in a stolen prison transport vehicle while being chased by an army of soldiers that are trying to kill them.

All the while, large chunks of Equestria are disappearing as the world rips itself apart. All hope now rests with a human, a convicted terrorist, the mare he loves, and a scholar.

Part two of three.

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In the midst of Ponyville being plunged into chaos, Twilight and her friends finally manage to use the Elements of Harmony for the first time, and in doing so successfully stop Discord from wreaking further havoc on the land they hold dear. Problem is, the way the elements do this isn't quite what they had in mind. At all.

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A mysterious creature was found in Canterlot. Twilight decided to discover which creature it is. Will this "new discover" creature welcome in Aquestria? Or its fate will be unseen?
Warning: The story from another timeline where Celestia and Luna are Twilight's student

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(This is half-based on the Japanese Mythology)

Have you ever wondered who gave Celestia her ability to rise the Sun? Who gave Luna her dream walking ability? Long ago, way before Celestia's reign, her parents; King Cosmos and Queen Galaxia had made contact with those whom they called themselves 'Kami', and they each had magnifcent powers and unreadable potential. The Alicorns made a deal with the Kami, they would give some of their magic away for useful purposes while the Kami would shelter them as well as protection.

Then everything changed when the Eight-Headed Snake, Yamata no Orochi attacked the new land, both King Cosmos and Queen Galaxia were killed in the battle, the Kami were badly injured as well. Finally, Susanoo himself destroyed Yamata and sealed him away. The connection between the ponies and the Kami remained broken since then. However, the Kami granted the passed rulers' children parts of their power...

Thousands of years passed, the new land now known as Equestria were once again, sank into danger. Yamata no Orochi was reanimated by an unknown force and stole the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu's Flames from the center of the Sun; her greatest weapon. Yamata and his minions had now escaped into Equestria, with their limitation being there, Amaterasu send her assistance, a Demi-god she adopted many years ago, known as Black Fox, to retake the Flames of the Sun...

But the question is, can the Demi-god, and Equestria's newest Element welders, be the opponent of the God of destruction itself?

(A Japanese Mythology crossover, first time doing it. ;)

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Princess Luna finds a way to escape the guilt and shame that drove her to create the Tantabus.

(Warning! There might be side effects.)

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A young Empire chafes under unsecure space lanes plagued with piracy. Viceroy Celestia sends her star pupil to solve this crisis, and to learn what leadership on the battlefield really means. Twilight Sparkle and her strike team will forge a bond that stretches across the galaxy.

Okay guys full disclosure. I had no intention of writing this because its connection to the original show is tenuous at best, and it's fucking Looooooong. But then I read the comic Rogue Diamond by TheFlimFlamBros and Pia-chan on e621 and. . . AND I FUCKING LOVE THIS COMIC. Seriously big shout out to them. Go read that fucking comic. But anyway, if I can adore that comic, which is so absolutely divorced from its subject matter, then I can write this. So thanks to them for giving me the artistic courage to take this much artistic license.

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This story is a sequel to Forever Mare

This story is a sequel to Nopony's Daughter

Discord has been sealed in stone. King Sombra took the Crystal Empire with him. The fledgling nation of Equestria has dealt with great monsters. Yet, something is rotten in the Everfree Forest. The fear of one more mythic woe is at hoof.

Princess Luna is worried that it might be her next.

And she's now at the point where she will do anything to escape that, even when nopony else believes in her.

Proofread and edited by VoxAdam. The content tag is for self-harm references only, not suicide. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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Princesses Celestia and Luna would quite like to retire, now that Twilight Sparkle's ready to take the throne. But Twilight doesn't seem to have gotten the message.

Reading by Straight To The Point Studio

Thanks to Solstice Shimmer and MitchH for putting up with my random thoughts.

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Greetings, Bronies, Blazbluenians and Nintendudes! Three brothers, seperated to different worlds before hatching for protection. Portals opened, the brothers reunited, and have their very first adventure in one of their homeworlds, Equestria! New bonds are formed, and relationships are made. The Magic of Friendship is very powerful for the forces of good. Welcome to the beginning of Multiverse Hearts Series!
Disclaimer: I don't own MLP: FIM, Kung Fu Panda, Nintendo, Blazblue, or Dreamworks. I was only inspired by them to make stories.

Chameleo: A heroic Inteleon, a master of the Fox style and Chameleon style of Kung Fu, a jonin shinobi from the Pokemon Village hidden in the mist, right next to Viper’s home, the Valley of Peace, half of the reincarnation of the Element of Magic of the Elements of Harmony of his team, and a member of one of the hidden water village’s teams lead by Clawgashi, a Crawdaunt jonin
Viper: A snake who is a master of the Viper style of Kung Fu, a close friend of Chameleo, and the other half of the reincarnation of the Element of Magic of the Elements of Harmony of Chameleo’s team
Crane: A Crane, Master of the Crane style of Kung Fu, and Chameleo's Partner
Master Oogway: One of Chameleo's trainers
Raptor: A Blue Garchomp that can turn black, Chameleo’s younger brother, spent most of his life living in another world, ⅓ of the reincarnation of the Element of Loyalty of the Elements of Harmony of Chameleo’s team, and half of the reincarnation of the Element of Loyalty of the Elements of Harmony of Twilight’s team
Soulfire Nanaya: A Blue Lucario that can turn red, Chameleo and Raptor’s younger brother, martial artist, spent most of his life living in another world, and ⅓ of the reincarnation of the Element of Loyalty of the Elements of Harmony of Chameleo’s team
Owleta: A Decidueye who is a hidden mist village and hidden stone village shinobi and Chameleo's BBSFF (Best Big Sister Friend Forever)
Aggrock: A Aggron who is Tsuchikage of the Pokemon Village hidden in the Stones, Owleta's husband and Chameleo's big brother-in-law
Orochimalamar: An old enemy of Chameleo and traitor of the Hidden Pokemon Mist Village
Morrigan: A navy-blue Rito that can turn her feathers from navy-blue to black, the Champion of the Rito, a master of the bow and kunai knives, descendant of a great Rito champion known as Revali, having inherited Revali’s Gale, a special ability that creates an updraft, being an expert flyer, user of the Medoh Bow, a weapon that summons the Divine Beast Vah Medoh, and the reincarnation of the Element of Honesty of the Elements of Harmony of Chameleo’s team
Skylyzi: A green Rito, Morrigan’s younger brother, a master of the bow and swords, another descendant of Revali, and an master flyer
Datozo: A red Goron, master of clubs and greatswords, Champion of the Gorons, descendant of a tough and strong goron champion known as Daruk, wielder of the Rudania greatsword, a weapon that can used as a club and a sword, and summons the Divine Beast Vah Rudania, and reincarnation of the Element of Laughter of the Elements of Harmony of Chameleo’s team
Bladefin: A red Zora that can turn his scales from red to purple, the Champion of the Zora, a master of the duel-wielding spears and swords, a great healer, descendant of a great Zora champion known as Mipha, having inherited Mipha’s Grace, a special ability that heals others no matter how bad the wound, a close childhood friend of Morrigan, user of the Ruta Spear, a dual-wielded weapon that can be used as a single and two weapons, and summons the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, and the reincarnation of the Element of Generosity of the Elements of Harmony of Chameleo’s team
Mamota: A blue Zora, a master of the single-wielded spear and healing magic, younger sister of Bladefin, and another descendant of Mipha
Vaida: A Gerudo warrior, who wears yellow armor and a attire, chieftess of Gerudo Town, Champion of the Gerudo, master of the Scimitar and Shield, descendant of a powerful gerudo champion known as Urbosa, having inherited Urbosa’s Fury, a magical power that commands the lightning storms themselves at the snap of a finger, user of the Naboris Scimitar and Shield, a weapon and shield that together summons the Divine Beast, and reincarnation of the Element of Kindest of the Elements of Harmony of Chameleo’s team
Sonic the Hedgehog: A blue heroic hedgehog who is the fastest thing alive, and leader of Team Sonic, and the last ⅓ of the reincarnation of the Element of Loyalty of the Elements of Harmony of Chameleo’s team
Tails: A yellow two-tailed fox who can fly, best friend of Sonic, and member/engineer of Team Sonic
Knuckles: A red strong echidna, guardian of the Master Emerald, member of Team Sonic, and rival of Sonic
Amy: A pink hedgehog, a giant hammer as her weapon, leader of Team Rose, and Sonic’s “Girlfriend”
Cream & Cheese: A duo of a rabbit and a chao, and good friends and members of Team Rose
Big: A big purple cat who fishes with his amphibian friend, Froggy and member of Team Rose
Vector: A green crocodile detective with a likeness of money, leader of Team Chaotix, and temporary member of Team Rose
Twilight Sparkle: A unicorn who is Princess Celestia’s student, leader of the Mane 6 and reincarnation of the Element of Magic of her world
Spike: A dragon who is Twilight’s foster baby brother, and personal assistant
Shining Armor: Captain of the royal guard, Twilights BBBFF (Best Big Brother Friend Forever), and Princess Cadance's husband
Rainbow Dash: A blue rainbow-colored-maned pegasus who is the foster twin sister of Raptor, and reincarnation of the Element of Loyalty of Twilight’s world
Scootaloo: A pegasus filly who is a member of the CMCs and Rainbow Dash's little sister-figure
Inferno: A unicorn colt who can turn into a dragon, is a member of the CMCs, Raptor's little brother-figure, close friend and brother of Scootaloo, who has a secret in his magic and scales that nopony knows, not even him.
Pinkie Pie: A energetic and joyful earth pony who is a super-duper party planner of Ponyville, and reincarnation of the Element of Laughter of Twilight’s world
Rarity: A fashionista unicorn who is fantastic at making and sewing dresses and costumes, and reincarnation of the Element of Generosity of Twilight’s world
Sweetie Belle: A unicorn filly who is Rarity's little sister, and member of the CMCs
Water Wing: A pegasus colt who is a member of the CMCs, close friend and brother of Sweetie Belle and has a secret in his necklace that nopony or himself knows about.
Applejack: A strong and truthful earth pony who is a member of the Apple family at Sweet Apple Acres, and reincarnation of the Element of Honesty of Twilight’s world
Apple Bloom: A earth pony filly who is Applejack's younger sister and member of the CMCs
Apple Wasp: A earth pony colt who is Apple Bloom's brother as well as a close friend, and has a secret that no one, even he knows.
Fluttershy: A timid and caring pegasus who lives in her cottage with her animal friends, and is the reincarnation of the Element of Kindness of Twilight’s world
Princess Celestia: Ruler of Equestria and raiser of the sun
Princess Luna: Co-ruler of Equestria, Celestia's younger sister and raiser of the moon
Princess Cadance (Mi Amore Cadenza): Shining Armor's wife, Twilight's big sister-in-law, and Princess Celestia's niece
Discord: Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony
Nightmare Moon: Darkness incarnation of Princess Luna
Chrysalis: Queen of the changlings and enemy of the Elements of Harmony
Makoto Nanaya: A Squirrel Beastkin, Soulfire’s twin foster-sister from another world, and martial artist
Ragna the Bloodedge: A misunderstood wanted criminal known as "The Grim Reaper" who fights for what's right
Noel Vermillion: One of Makoto's best friends
Master Jubei: A strange cat who is trainer of Ragna and an old friend of Princess Celestia
Spyro: A rare purple dragon breed who is heroic and likes to kick bad guy butt
Sparx: Spyro's dragonfly twin brother
Cynder: A bad-turned-good dragon who has a close relationship with Spyro
Whirlwind: A dragon-unicorn hybrid with rainbow powers, and Scootaloo's and Inferno's other big sister-figure
Zap: A water dragon who has electric powers and was raised by electric eels
Gill Grunt: A gillman who is one of Spyro's best friends
Camo: A plant-dragon hybrid born at the Tree of Life and can make the fruit he grows explode
Stealth Elf: A forest elf who's a ninja and another one of Spyro's best friends
Sunburn: A dragon-phoenix hybrid who can teleport
Eruptor: A volcano creature who is also one of Spyro's best friends
Bash: A earth dragon who really knows how to roll with it
Drobot: A dragon with a mechanical suit
Trigger Happy: A gremlin with a crazy attitude and gold-coin pistols who is also one Spyro's best friends

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Tune in at the top of the hour to Ponyville's own local news station, giving you all the hot and interesting topics the town has to offer! Hosted by DJ-Pon3, keep yourself connected with the community around you, and listen to the residents talk about their experiences in this wonderful town.

Long Live Equestria.

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