In the beginning, The Great Changer brought together the world, from the mountains to the forests. Stitching it together, the Weave connects all living and nonliving things.

The Changlings found themselves especially connected to this Weave. Legend says that the first Changelings fell through the world as it was woven together, only to be caught on the Weave beneath it all.

But what happens when something else is caught in the Weave?

Prince Phasmatodea, son of Queen Chrysalis, remembers what is was like before he hatched. He remembers being a human. He remembers dying. And he fully intends on avoiding another death.

But being gifted a new life does not matter when one failure, one false step, will lead to your untimely demise in the Changling hive; for Prince Phasma must survive his toughest adversary from the start: Mother Dearest.

Chapters (2)

This is a rewrite of friendship is magic, but the only difference from the main show is that Twilight treats Spike 25 times better than she did in canon

Chapters (2)

It has been a terrible week, in Craig’s very educational opinion. Firstly, he woke up in a cave covered in dust, and he doesn’t really like dust. Secondly, he can’t remember when Equestrian became so advanced. So many cities! Thirdly, the lands are so different, he can barely tell his way around. Fourthly, critters from every forest he’s wandered keep jumping him. Fifthly, nearly everypony that sees him either faint, stare, or just run away screaming; it’s actually kind of amusing. It’s like they’ve never seen an Alicorn before, or is there something on his face? Let him just... Sixthly, everypony he’s been able to eavesdrop on seems like they speak Ponish but... don’t? Seventhly, why are Marks called ‘Cutie Marks’ now? When did this happen? When he gets back to his throne, he will fix this insulting problem. No pride is involved or anything...

Lastly, and the worst, his own daughters don’t even remember him! This is something he must repair. “How?” you ask? Why, snuggling of course!

Art by Mornings Dew (ヾ(´・ω・`) I kinda just created my own ‘Pony Craig’ as a doodle born from this idea or scenario that has been at the back of my head for quite some time. Kinda saddens me that there aren’t many fan made things with Pony Craig and Lauren together, or Craig at all. So, ta~da! :}
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro respectively!
Other characters are Original Characters made by Mornings Dew, but you are welcome to use them! No need for credit!

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March 23, 2020
August 5, 2020
Goodness! Thank you guys so much for the support! Love you all! :heart:

I had this neat idea that I am certain others had that I want to share! Basically, as you can already tell, Craig McCracken in Equestria, but a very confused version of him and with a story to tell. I really love this old man and the shows he has made, along with the cast for each show, but I guess I’m being biased, since most of his creations were most of my childhood. I feel I at least know or predict him enough to be comfortable with dialogue and personality traits in this Pony character I’ve imagined. Most of the time, he is confused but with purpose; I feel it's the cutest side of him. I can say with certainty that it will not be perfect, nothing is, and I will not hit the right notes most of the time, but I have you guys here! Feel free to add constructive criticism, I’ll appreciate every last bit! If you can’t, that’s alright, just reading my crazy stuff is more than enough. Thank you! :heart:

My ‘Old Ponish’ isn’t the best, but I hope you enjoy! Oh, and remember, just because the show has ended, doesn’t mean its “ended”. The Fandom will live for a very long time from now, I can feel it. :pinkiehappy:

October, 2019

Chapters (8)

In the far future, the galaxy has been torn asunder by a tyrannical, power-hungry force known as the Komplex. Bent on assimilating and conquering all who oppose them, they have attacked and wiped out many empires and species to extinction. And with their discovery of technology created by the ancient UJU KON, they seem almost unstoppable.

But the galaxy won't bend it's knee without a fight. The Forge, a resistance force made up of various species-including humans-have taken many stands against the Komplex, some becoming great victories, others serving as harsh reminders of the enemy's growing strength.

Now, the battle comes to a certain earth-like world, inhabited by many sentient creatures, some capable of magical abilities that help better the planet. With the Komplex itching closer to taking control of the system, some of the Forge's newest pilots, including a certain trio of rescued equines who were saved from a disastrous attack years ago, must help the natives of Equus band together and prevent total annihilation from their new enemy.

||Author's note: After recently getting into this new line of interchangeable starships, I've finally decided to make this little thing. The main part of the story (beyond the prologue) will be set right around the coronation ceremony seen in "The Last Problem", and the Snap Ships side of it will be set after the first season.||

Snap Ships is the property of Playmonster Inc. MLP: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

Chapters (1)

For centuries anything magic, alien and supernatural has been handled and covered up by the Supernatural and Magical Intelligence League of Earth and their agents. A small city in the heart of [REDACTED] in particular has been designated to always have someone from the agency at hand, even though nothing of note has happened there for so long that nobody even remembers why that policy was implemented in the first place.

Get ready for action, drama, paperwork and misguided marital counseling as you follow the adventures of the two poor idiots dedicated agents currently appointed to watch over the sleepy town of Canterlot, where supernatural events don't happen regularly so please stop posting videos of them on MyStable.

And entry into FanOfMostEverything's Villain Exchange Program

Cover art commissioned from GPizano

Chapters (1)

Attack on Titan Season 3 Crossover

Uprising Arc (Chapter 1- continued)

This story is a squeal to Attack on Titan 2: Clash of the Titans

After Eren's rescue in the Clash of the Titans, Eren Jaeger’s battle against the Titans rages on! As they prepare for war with the new Levi Squad, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Starlight Glimmer, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and their friends begin to unearth terrifying secrets. What is the real history behind the world and the royal family? What are the Titans really and where do they get their power—and who’s really on their side?

As they begin investigating the danger hidden within the walls, a colossal reveal shakes them to the core! More Titan shifters are identified, and worse yet, Reiner, Bertholdt, and a man by the name of Zeke is on the lose! With that, they have one mission hand, go back to the town where it all started, Shiganshina, reclaim Wall Maria, and reach the basement, revealing all the secrets to the world, the past, and what the Titans really are. And the biggest secret: What is really is on the other side of the wall?

Chapters (1)

Puzzle awakens in what he thinks is a dream. But finds himself called to share the Elements of Harmony with others. If he is to make it home he cant just embody and element. He must inspire them with others. Will he make it? Or is this just a dream that will be forgotten when Celestia raises the sun?

Chapters (2)

Chrysalis goes through a portal and finds that she's not the only doppelgänger around.

Due to real life stuff happening at inconvenient times, this is not as done as I wanted it to be. But, I figured I should still put out something for Ponidox.

I might edit this more at a later date, but chances are I'm going to forget about it and write something I actually enjoy writing about. It was probably a bad idea to write about my least favorite character for a contest, now that I think about it.

Huge thanks to RedParade and Nailah, and I apologize that I couldn't finish implementing all of your suggestions.

Chapters (1)

When Twilight Sparkle's inventions are stolen, Sunset Shimmer and the Rainbooms try to track down the new master criminal in Canterlot. There's hacking, silly robots, social engineering, magical combat, and Twilight Sparkle getting annoyed about capital letters.

Not exactly a comedy, but a light-hearted action adventure story. Written for FOME's latest contest. Edited the day after publication to split into 5 chapters and apply a few images in chapter 4.

Cover art composited from this and this. Prereading by my lovely wife!

Chapters (5)

Colgate is a pony of simple pleasures. She wakes up, goes to work, avoids whatever nonsense is plaguing the city of Ponyville today, and heads home, leaving better suited ponies to clean up the weekly mess.

Until one day she wakes up, and it is not tomorrow.

This begins a series of circumstances that will eventually culminate with a conversation with a star, a lifesaving mattress, several pieces of magical cutlery, a series of one-hit KOs, and a chase through the past and the future for the fate of all Equestria.

Just a normal Tuesday in Ponyville, even when the exact date is negotiable.

An entry in the Most Delightful Ponidox, written, rather experimentally, in first person present tense.

Cover art by KozachokZRotom

Chapters (5)
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