"I can't believe I overlooked something as simple as feathers. It's no wonder you were having trouble. I wish I had more 'dragonish' knowledge to give you..."

Those words will have far reaching consequences when Twilight took those words to heart and contacted the one dragon that she thought could help: Dragon Lord Ember. Whom she sends will shake the very foundations of history and magic.

Recently rewritten see blog post)

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"Featured 7/8/2014! Sweet!"

Jump into the rich and vast continent of Metallos! Where magic meets machinery and the sword meets gunpowder.
Join up with your friends. Together, become involved in an adventure undreamed of!
Be a group of hardened mercenaries, elusive members of a spy ring or even be a band of swashbuckling pirates!
Explore the world! Learn it's history! Battle nefarious villains! Stab your friends in the back! Hog all the pie!
Experience all of this in "Forge World!"

-Learn the basics or creating a campaign and understanding the mechanics of "Forge World"
-Learn the history and lore of the great continent of Metallos! From the frozen tundra of Silverus to the blazing sands of Bronza!
-Choose from several different race and classes to mix and match to be your very own! Be a unicorn magus, a diamond dog pickpocket, even a changeling spy!
-Outfit your character with all manners of weaponry and equipment! Learn all sorts of spells to blast your foes and assist your allies in combat!
-Detailed explanation on crafting and alchemy to further your adventuring experience!
-All with highly detailed illustrations and writing in this massive 432 page rulebook!

What are you waiting for? Those brigands aren't going to stop themselves you know? Into the "Forge world" you go!

Twilight continued to stare at the the back of the book cover before sighing in exasperation "I know I like books and all but this is outrageous, even for me"

Without even giving the book a second look, she quickly went and shelved it back to Spike's own personal bookshelf as she was cleaning up their room. As she was leaving the library, she only thought to herself

"How can somepony enjoy a book as ridiculous as that?"

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Glitterwing, one of the last of her kind. As far as anypony is concerned she still roams the world seeking purpose. A call to action from Princess Luna brings her back to familiar haunts, there's just one place she needs to stop at along the way...

Meanwhile, Princess Luna herself is working desperately to save those she can, a bold new project on the horizon... if only everyone was as keen to see it's success as she herself was.

Crossover tag is for elements from older MLP generations.

This was written for the Sci-Fi Contest II.

Is finished, new chapters will be rapidly published till the contest deadline.

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Sly Cooper is a master thief who has descended from a long line of other master thieves. His family has kept all their thieving secrets into one book simply known as, The Thievius Raccoonus. However, at the age of 8, Sly's home was ransacked by a horrible gang known as the Fiendish Five. They murdered Sly's family, and stole the Thievius Raccoonus, splitting the pages among themselves so that they themselves can overshadow the Cooper name as the greatest thieves. Sly was sent to an orphanage where he met Bentley and Murray, his lifelong friends and family. As Sly came of age, he began preparing and training to avenge his parents, steal back the Thievius Raccoonus, and bring down the Fiendish Five. As Sly stole his case record from the lovely inspector Carmelita Fox, he was shocked to discover that just a little over two years ago, all members of the Fiendish Five Mysteriously vanished without a trace. All of their last known sightings were at the Krakarov Volcano. In order to track them all down, that's where they are headed. After tracing the Fiendish Five's footsteps perfectly, they all find themselves in a strange new world, one that is dominated by one species, ponies. Sly and his gang soon learn that in this land's greatest treasure and weapon is stolen, the Elements of Harmony. Sly will need help from the inhabitants to get back the Thievius Raccoonus, while the group of Ponies he and his gang have befriended will need them to get back the Elements of Harmony.

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This story is a sequel to Sector 3

The Young Six have mapped Sector 3 successfully and have moved on to the next sector on their mission. What surprises are in store for them in this area?

Chapters (7)

Spike tries to get Rarity the Right Christmas Present.
The CMC try to become fashion models.
Rainbow Dash is head of a construction site to create a race track.
Applejack learns to read.
But how will each story effect the other?

*Based Off MLP:FiM S1E1 to S3E10

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Custom Tag: [First Person Zecora]

When Zecora is asked to show cosmetics from her herbal collection,
She finds herself in the middle of an elaborate misdirection.
Caught in the struggle to thwart a changeling plot,
She must find a way to help guard Canterlot.

Judge Prize winner in Bicyclette's Crackship Contest hosted by the Original Pairings group
Edited by: TheAncientPolitzanian
Cover Found Here: Guard Fleur de Lis

Featured from 3/2/2022 to 3/5/2022 (JST). Thank you very much for your readership!

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Twilight sparkle has a series of unusual dreams that seem to have real consequences.

Chapters (2)

A man named Arrin is transported into the new world with major memory loss. The place seems to be filled with unknown creatures - ponies. He's destined to learn about his past and find a place to call home. As the story unfolds, he encounters different inhabitants, places, and many more. Will he be able to find himself, or will he descend into madness?

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Sunset Shimmer, personal student of Princess Celestia, is the most gifted Unicorn in Equestria. She has long-neglected personal connections in favor of studying and ambition. Celestia, concerned by her student's behavior, searches for a way to help her student grow as a pony. As a last resort, her thoughts turn to Starswirl's Magic Mirror, that it could show Sunset a new way, or to a path of darkness, but then something or rather somepony comes as her solution. Sunset now finds herself teaching her own student, a bookish and anti-social young Unicorn named Twilight Sparkle. Can the two form an actual connection, or will their anti-social tendencies lead to disaster?

(A What if scenario where instead of showing Sunset Shimmer the Magic Mirror Celestia brings Twilight Sparkle to her to teach)

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