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Social Networks · 5:49pm Nov 23rd, 2016

I don't use Twitter because I'm not interested in the minutiae of other people's lives, and fail to see why they should be interested in those of mine. I also don't particularly like the idea of my opinions being filtered in case I convince someone that 'hate-crime' is a silly thing to prosecute for, or somesuch. Furthermore, I'm not a twit.


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TiMeLiNeS · 3:08pm Dec 6th, 2015

I thought about it some more some more
And while I have some issues with the finale
I don't even care anymore
It was fun
And that's the most important thing, in my opinion.
I had fun watching it and I'd be perfectly happy to do so again
End of story

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I hate nights like this. · 8:54am Feb 3rd, 2017

I want to write, but I can't get myself to move. To do something as simple as the typing I'm doing to create this blog post. It's retarded. My mind is moving a mile a minute, jumping from topic to topic without hardly any rhyme or reason. One minute I'm plotting out how to get Sunset and Adagio to kiss again. The next I'm wondering if I should go looking for more lore-breaking Skyrim mods. I can't get enough focus to save my life.

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List of upcoming fics · 9:50pm May 21st, 2017

I'm bored, so here's a list of stuff I'll be doing sooner or later.

100 follower special (Toaster Waffles are Magic)
Shattered Rainbow
Sequel to Space Horse (Still unnamed)
Twilight Finds Herself in Generation 2.
Twilight Finds Herself in Generation 3/3.5

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January Update · 12:18am Feb 1st, 2019

I've officially hit a brick wall, here. This chapter's been sitting there most of the month, aside from me deleting half of it and rewriting a few different ways. I'm still not happy with it, but it's getting to the point where I want to just call it quits and move on to the next one to let this sit until the second draft.

Nothing else to report. Back to it.

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Uhm....What should I say · 11:48pm May 10th, 2022

Hey everyone...very long time no see, sorry about all the silence I really didn’t have any time lol. Just finished the EOC’s for my 11th year in high school so I’m tired af. I’ll eventually get back to writing I just coincidentally need a lil longer buuuuuttttt, I made a discord server for those who wanna keep in contact with me for whatever reason you choose ^^

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Bleh. · 3:57am Dec 28th, 2019

For anyone tracking.

A Cuddle A Day, I'm not updating tonight.

But instead going to double update tomorrow.

I'm very tired tonight, been feeling just very bleh all day.

Right now I'm cramping and just need some rest.

Ty for understanding.


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Been Sick No new stories for a while · 11:17pm Apr 18th, 2016

Sorry for most I haven't been releasing a lot. I've been really sick lately. I'm working my series of stories plus a commissioned story for Corey19 but I haven't been feeling good for a while now and just when I was getting stuff done so everything is on hold until April 30th because I need to get better and catch up on my classes.

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...but getting sick is even worser · 3:57am Dec 15th, 2019

If you need me, I'll be in my bed, chugging orange juice and feeling like death warmed over.


Bleh · 1:57am Dec 20th, 2022

You know how they say it has to get worse before it gets better?

Yeah. That's what has happened to my writing schedule. We're operating with half of the manpower than we should have at my work, and it doesn't look like it'll get better anytime soon.

So probably no new chapters of anything until next year. But! I am still trying to write a few words here and there, so here's some rough draft from the next Harem Noses story. Enjoy!

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I'm Not Feeling Too Well. · 12:12am Dec 2nd, 2019

I've been fighting off a headache and nausea all day.

I think I might be sick.

I'm postponing future projects till I feel better, so please forgive my lateness.

I'm just going to probably take a day or two to feel better.

So see you guys then, I'm going to bed.


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I'm back! · 8:39pm Dec 29th, 2017

I'm back! Properly now.
i'll be recombululating the profile and stuffs so i can properly do this.

i'm also killing two birds with one stone.. as unethical as that sounds..
the reason being is, I'm starting up new piece of work.
No clue what the title is... all I know is that it's going to serve as both a ShadowRun character's backstory (fully fleshed out of course)
and blatant Fanfiction...

I still make the musics... but am in college for it again!


Time for a 3:00 a.m. blog post! · 9:47am Aug 24th, 2015

So, I can't sleep and I've just been trying to write a chapter for You Thought You Knew Canterlot High, but my co-writer's been really busy, so I'm all alone. :ajsleepy: Anyways, insomnia has decided to take me out on an unwelcome date, thus being the cause of this blog post. I'm not really sure what I'm going to end up writing, but I'm just gonna write and see what comes out.

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On shipping. · 2:54am Nov 17th, 2015

Shipping. That wonderful thing that everypony likes.

That was sarcasm.

I don't actually dislike shipping. Only certain ships, such as:

-FlutterMac. Just because they're both quiet doesn't mean couple. Geez.

-Octiscratch. "Opposites attract" isn't nessicarily true. As roommates? Yes. As a couple? Eeeh, no./

-Self-insert x any member of the Mane Six. Because ego-stroking and self-promotion make a wonderful story. Sarcasm.

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Man oh man... · 12:29am Jun 30th, 2020

Yeah, I know what you want to say, "where's that new chapter, Historex? I thought you were nearly halfway done a month ago!" Okay, first off, I never said I was nearly halfway done, I said I didn't think I was nearly done. Big difference.

But that does beg the question; what's the status of the next chapter then? Well, I'm still working on it, but as I said before, it's going really slow. And it's because I've been having a lot of problems with something recently.

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... · 7:54pm Sep 7th, 2016

I came home from school. All was good.

Then I got out my violin, and my bow, and I saw that half of the hairs were completely severed.

Then I got out my spare bow... only to find it in a similar state.

And people wonder why I get so uncomfortable when other people touch my instruments!

So now I need to pay to replace the string on my violin (it broke ages ago), plus a new bow.

Yay, time to take on extra art commissions and babysitting hours... :facehoof:


yay for depression relapse · 9:01pm Aug 27th, 2017

it has nothing to do with deh i swear

someone pls end this endless cycle of self hate blehehh

i know exactly how I could do it (that isn't killing myself)
I'm just not ready to do it


So Here's Some Things · 2:16am Oct 3rd, 2016

Hey everyone. Ponka here.

Sorry I haven't been able to put anything out over the past few months. I know I promised something by the end of June, but I was never able to go through with it.

The thing is, I'm going through hell right now. School is starting again and it just sucks, and family isn't helping either. All this has forced me to put my current ideas on hold for now. I apologize for this.

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Bleh · 10:26pm Mar 22nd, 2017

I'm sick.

Kill myself.

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Newsies #16 · 1:07am Mar 22nd, 2019

WOW! Another Newsies, less than a week after the last one?! What is this magic?!

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