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... · 7:54pm Sep 7th, 2016

I came home from school. All was good.

Then I got out my violin, and my bow, and I saw that half of the hairs were completely severed.

Then I got out my spare bow... only to find it in a similar state.

And people wonder why I get so uncomfortable when other people touch my instruments!

So now I need to pay to replace the string on my violin (it broke ages ago), plus a new bow.

Yay, time to take on extra art commissions and babysitting hours... :facehoof:

Comments ( 15 )

Who would do that!?

4197244 My brothers, most likely, or maybe my dog somehow got to it even though it's in it's case. Honestly I have no idea.

That sucks. :fluttershysad:

But, given what bowstrings are made of, this is horse-related news! Twist approves. :twistnerd:

Ug same...

Hm, do you know any good hiding places for future references?

4197508 How about between the mattress of your bed? You can leave it there during the day, and then put it in your closet or something during the night.

4197512 I think that might crush my violin. I have an extremely poor memory and would probably jump on it.

this situation reminds me of this video

Makes me laugh everytime

4197258 I swear, I'd kick the shit out of them and make them pay for it.

4198404 Even if it was just a kid?

I might be exaggerating just a bit, lol.

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