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Some people are morning birds, other people are night owls. Me? I'm some sort of permanently exhausted pigeon.

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Check-in · 12:30am Apr 14th, 2020

How's everyone doing during this pandemic?

Personally I'm stressed. Looks like I'm being failed out of school due to being hospitalised for unrelated reasons, my work schedule is unpredictable and I lack money, and I have a family member who is likely going to die of COVID-19. He's on a ventilator and although I'm not a doctor, knowing his preexisting health conditions, I feel a little hopeless. My mother works directly with COVID-19 patients in the hospital, so that's another person to worry about. Other than that I have been okay. Painting, animal crossing, and knitting pass the time and I'm getting used to being on my own. Mental health is bad but that's nothing new.

That's basically it for me, so how about you guys?

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I'm so bored!! I haven't gone to the beach, the mall or a restaurant in a month!! What's worse is my PS plus expired the other day.

I’m working at a grocery store and I’m still alive. Barely.

Nothing has really changed for me personally, but I work at a grocery store so I’m on the front lines in keeping society afloat during these harrowing times. Especially so since I’m a janitor, so I’m basically one of many guys responsible for helping to halt the spread of Coronavirus.

My thoughts and prayers go out to your family members. No matter what happens, you’ll have my support. :pinkiesmile:

Yeah, it gets really boring being stuck at home.

Ooh, so you two still have jobs then.

I was out of a job for a solid two weeks before my workplace partially opened again. Spent every single night for at least a week getting drunk and dyeing my hair or painting. Was going insane. Happy to be working again.

Tbf, I wish I could get drunk this week but I got forty hours this work week. What did you dye your hair?

I'm sorry, Panda. I hope at least your school situation improves. Schools are in a bit of a mess right now; I'm hoping they generally tend toward being lenient with people. :ajsleepy:

Good news is that my store got a new shipment of toilet paper recently. Made sure to snag a pack.

I dyed my hair white/silver, dyed it purple, then changed it back to silver all within the same week. Indecisive.

Oh, lucky! My stepdad managed to snag a 16 pack the other day thankfully.

I think I'm probably going to withdraw from all of my classes. Maybe except for one.

Considered essential, but that just means going through the same motions with a few changes for health and safety reasons.

Honestly, though, I'm less worried for myself and more for, well, people like you.

Things are, boring for the most part, but I know it could be worse. Hope you stay healthy and safe

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